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  1. #1. Brittney Griner Voice Change: Is This Natural Or Impacted?

Brittney Griner Voice Change: Is This Natural Or Impacted?

Searching for information about Brittney Griner Voice Change? Here we go! Griner entered the world in 1990. In 1997, the NBA oversaw the creation of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). The league has always attempted to project an image consistent with heterosexuality and conventional gender roles for women.
The Washington Post reported in 1998 that "young fans call in to ask WNBA players questions about their boyfriends or about how someone may become a WNBA star" during the halftime report. This section was dubbed "Girl Talk." In the '90s, it was unthinkable for a female athlete to be a leader on the court without the protection of a "lover" on the bench.

#1. Brittney Griner Voice Change: Is This Natural Or Impacted?

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Few people in the league ever revealed that they had lesbian or bisexual players. Sheryl Swoopes' coming out in 2005 is the only major event in the WNBA between 2002 and 2012. The New York Times quotes Swoopes saying, "Five years ago, I probably wouldn't have [come out]. It wasn't until Swoopes won an Olympic gold medal, four WNBA titles, and three league MVP awards that she felt secure enough emotionally and financially to live openly as a homosexual person: "I was really frightened of what type of effect it would have, afraid of losing endorsements."
In the 1990s, if you wanted to be a recognized player on the court, you had to have a "lover" cheering you on from the sidelines. This was done to limit female players' influence in the sport.

She Always Faced Struggles Due To Her Voice

Brittney Griner Voice Change
Griner struggled to come to terms with her uniqueness as a child growing up in Houston, Texas. In her biography from 2014, she writes, "I believe I started feeling different when people started telling me I was." Her voice was soft and "flat and skinny" in middle school. Children screamed abuse at her, saying things like, "She must be a male," as they passed her in the halls. There's something off about her; she doesn't seem like a typical female.
The mockery damaged Griner's self-esteem, and she felt like a "mess of emotions." By the time she started her ninth year at Nimitz High School, she was already six feet tall, and basketball was a driving force in her life. She took advantage of her height and determination on the court, where she excelled. A video of Griner dunking went viral on YouTube in 2007.
In the fall of 2008, she went to Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She has often seen longboarding across campus, laughing with her friends at barbecues, and destroying opponents on the basketball court with her 88-inch wingspan, height, and power. During her junior year, she led her team to a perfect 40-0 record and the 2012 NCAA title, where she made waves with her dunks.


Brittney Griner Voice Change
And yet, Griner had to hide her identity as a Baylor student. Her head coach, Kim Mulkey, called her into his office one day during her sophomore year. In her autobiography, Griner describes going out to supper with a female companion the night before Valentine's Day. Even though they avoided each other at the table, word came back to Mulkey, who informed Griner that she was disappointed in her. That's not something you want to be caught doing," Mulkey said. "Little Lady, do this behind closed doors only."
Baylor's student handbook at the time included a provision that explicitly banned homosexuality and all sexual conduct before marriage. Advocacy groups that "promote understanding of sexuality that is opposed to biblical teaching" were also banned from campus. Unfortunately, Griner's liberties had limits because of Baylor University, the very organization she was attempting to promote and raise the profile of. "I spent a lot of time wondering if they supported Brittney Griner the person or just Brittney Griner the basketball player," she reflects in her autobiography.
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