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  1. #1. Brittney Griner Hair Cut: Why Did She Cut It?

Brittney Griner Hair Cut: Why Did She Cut It?

Searching for information about Brittney Griner hair cut? Here we go! Since Brittney Griner was freed from Russian custody in a prisoner swap yesterday, there haven't been many photos or videos of her to be seen online. However, the pictures that we have seen show that Griner is now sporting a different hairstyle than she had previously.
Griner was seen having her trademark locks shorn off, which is a quite striking transformation. Griner reportedly got the haircut more than two weeks ago, as reported by T.J. Quinn of ESPN.

#1. Brittney Griner Hair Cut: Why Did She Cut It?

Brittney Griner Hair Cut
According to the story, Griner's attorney disclosed the fact that her hair would freeze in the cold every time she washed it, and she did not want this to be an issue for the oncoming Russian winter. "So... the hair. Griner's lawyer tells me BG cut her hair famous two Sundays ago. Every time she washed it, it would freeze, and she decided she didn't want to deal with it for an entire Russian winter. And she was prepared to be there for a while." "So... the hair."
Given what we know about the circumstances in which she was held, it is clear that this was not the only challenge that Brittney Griner needed to overcome. It was probably not even close to being the most serious issue, either.
Brittney Griner Hair Cut Source: Getty Images: Her previous hairstyle
In the coming days, weeks, and months, she will, without a doubt, have a lot to say about her ordeal in the Russian prison system. Will Griner, now that she's back at her house, make an effort to grow her hair out to its previous length and style?
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