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  1. Meet The Blackfishing Brooke LaPaglia, Brianna Chickenfry’s Sister
  2. The Criminal Record Of Brianna Chickenfry’s Sister
  3. Who Are Brooke LaPaglia's Parents?
  4. Brooke LaPaglia’s Age
  5. FAQs About Brianna Chickenfry’s Sister, Brooke LaPaglia
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Meet Brooke LaPaglia, Brianna Chickenfry's Sister

Brooke LaPaglia is Brianna Chickenfry's sister. Brianna revealed that her sister is a Blackfish. What exactly is it? What is her address? What exactly is her job? Is she a married woman?

Here's all we know about Brooke LaPaglia.


Meet The Blackfishing Brooke LaPaglia, Brianna Chickenfry’s Sister

Brooke LaPaglia is one of Brianna LaPaglia's three sisters.

Brianna looked up to Brooke as she grew up. Brianna mentioned that Brooke blackfished when appearing on Theo Von's show. Wanna Thompson, a hip-hop writer, coined the term "blackfishing," which refers to the phenomenon of non-Black influencers and influential individuals changing their looks to appear black.

Bronzer or tanning may be used, as well as cosmetic surgery. Photoshop and other picture editing applications.

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The word "blackface" refers to the racist act of mimicking a Black person through the use of dark cosmetics, sometimes for comic effect. Blackfishing, like blackface, regards Black traits as a costume that may be removed whenever needed. 

According to one study, social media sites encourage and benefit from this behavior. Three celebrities and Instagram influencers have been accused of digitally impersonating black individuals in order to mislead their followers.

Brooke, for example, would receive level four tanning in order to blackfish.


The Criminal Record Of Brianna Chickenfry’s Sister

Brooke LaPaglia was arrested once in 2019. She was arrested and lodged at the Braintree Police Department.


Who Are Brooke LaPaglia's Parents?

Who Are Brooke LaPaglia's Parents Source: Google Images

Wayne LaPaglia and Joyce Donahue gave birth to four sisters. Wayne, their father, turned 61 in 1962. Joyce, their mother, is 61 years old, having been born in June 1962. Wayne and Joyce may be found on Facebook (@wayne.lapaglia.1 & @joyce.donahue1).

Brooke's maternal grandmother, Frances "Fran" LaPaglia, passed away in March 2020. She was married for 30 years to Werner LaPaglia, who died in 2017.


Brooke LaPaglia’s Age

Brooke LaPaglia’s Age Source: Google Images

Brooke LaPaglia was born in October 1981 and will be 41 years old in July 2023.

Brooke LaPaglia’s Occupation

Brooke announced on Facebook in November 2022 that she works at a women's program. Aside than that, she hasn't revealed much about her professional life.

Brianna Chickenfry’s Relationship With Zach Bryan 

Brianna revealed her relationship with country artist Zach Bryan in 2023. Brianna Chickenfry of Barstool Sports stated on a Thursday edition of her podcast PlanBri Uncut that she was "seeing" Bryan, 27, months after the country singer announced his separation from ex-girlfriend Deb Peifer.

Brianna LaPaglia told her co-cost Grace O’Malley: “I think I might have some stuff to address: I’ve been hanging out with a guy named Zach,”. 

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When O’Malley asked for a last name, she responded “Bryan” and said that they “started hanging out” about “three weeks ago.” 

“It’s fun, it’s casual… just wanted to address it because the whole internet is freaking the f— out and people are doing s—,” she added.

Brianna chickenfry continued, saying “I’ve been on the podcast lying — not lying — but like, but not talking about where I was or making stories up, and then we’d [be] caught and s—, and then we’d have to cut stuff. And that is so opposite of what we do,”. 

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She also stated that their relationship is “the one thing I just wanted for me”, but she felt the need to address the internet rumors.

“We’re just hanging out, having fun, and that’s where I’ve been, that’s what I’ve been doing, that’s what I’m gonna be doing for a little bit. We’ll see where it goes, and I’m happy.” Brianna concluded. 

In May, the two met at the 2023 ACM Awards in Dallas. She discussed their interaction in a video titled "Meeting Zach Bryan at the American Country Music Awards.”"


FAQs About Brianna Chickenfry’s Sister, Brooke LaPaglia

FAQs About Brianna Chickenfry’s Sister Source: Google Images

Where Does Brooke LaPaglia Reside?

Originally from Bostin, Massachusetts, Brooke LaPaglia is now living in Braintree, Massachusetts.

When Is Brooke LaPaglia Birthday?

Brooke celebrates her birthday in October.

Is Brooke LaPaglia On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Brooke is on Facebook.



brianna chickenfry sister - conclusion Source: Google Images

In conclusion, Brooke LaPaglia, Brianna Chickenfry's sister, stands at the center of the blackfishing controversy. Defined by the alteration of appearance to mimic Black features, this practice has sparked debates across social media platforms. 

Brooke's association with this term sheds light on the complexities of cultural appropriation. Additionally, we've glimpsed into her family, criminal record, age, and occupation, offering a more comprehensive understanding of who Brooke LaPaglia is. 

As Brianna Chickenfry's sister, her story adds another layer to the ongoing dialogue about race, identity, and social media.

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