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Blue Bloods The Naked Truth Cast And Spoilers: Season 13 Episode 16

Searching for the Blue Bloods The Naked Truth cast and spoilers, season 13 episode 16? Following a hiatus for March Madness, Blue Bloods is back with what promises to be one of the season's most riveting episodes, episode 16 of season 13. Although Jamie fears that Eddie's acquaintance is involved in drug trafficking, Erin struggles to defend herself in a case against her. The show delves into a variety of viewpoints, compelling its characters to analyze their own prejudices and connections.

Blue Bloods The Naked Truth Cast: Season 13 Episode 16

Blue Bloods The Naked Truth Cast Source: Blue Bloods
  • Donnie Wahlberg plays Danny Reagan
  • Tom Selleck plays Frank Reagan
  • Marisa Ramirez plays Maria Baez
  • Vanessa Ray plays Eddie Reagan
  • Gregory Jbara plays Garrett Moore
  • Bridget Moynahan plays Erin Reagan
  • Will Estes plays Jamie Reagan
  • Len Cariou plays Henry Reagan
  • Officer Carly Gilson... updating


  • Steve Schirripa plays Anthony Abetemarco
  • Matt Consalvo plays Officer Meyers
  • Keith Contreras plays Officer Martinez
  • Savannah Desormeaux plays Process Server
  • Erin Noel Grennan plays Lorraine Duckworth
  • Robert Clohessy plays Sid Gormley
  • Winslow Bright plays ADA Sydney Sloan
  • Stefano Carannante plays Stefano
  • Max Chlumecky plays Spencer Holland
  • Meltem Gulturk plays Paramedic Kulluk

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16: "The Naked Truth"

Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16 Cast Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16 Cast
In the opening scene of tonight's episode of Blue Bloods, Danny and Baez arrives at the crime site to find a Caucasian guy who has been brutally assaulted and robbed of his wallet. He's still breathing but might not return to the hospital in time. Danny heads over to question the eyewitnesses. A fight breaks out between Tracey's fiancé and chef Mericio and his cousin Stefano, who pulls a knife on him while Jamie and Eddie eat dinner with Tracey. Tracey encourages them to calm down, explaining that it was nothing and that such things frequently happen in restaurants. Erin is addressing a class of students at Hudson University.
In this case, she was served by one of the female spectators, who rose to her feet and handed her an envelope. Erin sets her work aside and opens the package, revealing a lawsuit filed against her on behalf of Robert Davis's sister, who claims that Erin's actions directly contributed to her brother's death. Officer Gillson is featured on the private viewing site Privately Plus, which Garrett shows to Frank, Sid, Abigail, and Frank at Frank's office. Abigail is confused, but Garrett sees no problem since she is not wearing the required uniform. The victim is in a coma, and Danny and Baez arrive at the station after discovering that he has tickets to see The Lion King in his pocket.
Danny has some information on the criminal, but it's inconsistent. It appeared like the witnesses were making up the rest of the story. Jamie is summoned to meet Sid about his and Eddie's dinner the night before at Marino's. Based on Sid's information, they suspect that food cartons from southern Europe are being used to transport heroin and ecstasy to the area. Sid informs him he's Eddie's top secret point guy on this operation. When Jack Boyle joins them, Erin and Anthony discuss the case over coffee. Robert Davis, an assistant district attorney in her office, was a covert alcoholic, and Anthony informed Jack about the case.


Blue Bloods The Naked Truth Cast Blue Bloods The Naked Truth Cast And Spoilers
Six months ago, she found him tossing cases for organized crime figures and dismissed him. So he went and hanged himself. While strolling the street together, Eddie inquires about Tracey's engagement, and Jamie replies that she knows nothing about him. Frank calls Gillson into his office to discuss the company's regulations on off-site work. She claims to have taken extensive measures to maintain confidentiality since she has no intention of embarrassing the agency.
He warns that there are limits to working extra hours at the office. She tells him she joined the NYPD not for the money but because her mother has stage four cancer, and she would be damned if she didn't do everything she could to obtain what she needs. Atkins, the suspect Danny and Baez have in custody, is wearing a black puffer jacket, just like the witnesses said he would be, and he began throwing punches at the cops when they tried to interview him.
According to Atkins, his race was a factor in his harassment. He admits to messing up, yet he is a hard worker. Eddie is taken aback when Tracey mentions that she overheard Jamie at the restaurant earlier saying he and Tracey might want to invest. As Mericio and Stefano walk in, Mericio adds that Sandy departed to find employment in the city, but Tracey brushes it off, saying Sandy was a flake from the start. The ADA, Sydney Sloan, greets Anthony and Erin as they enter the office, carrying a book of her personal effects and explaining that she is moving out since she is astonished that Robert killed himself after Erin dismissed him.
Frank brings up Gilson's extracurricular activities during the family meal, saying he is still debating what to do about it. Henry says he had never felt more liberated than when he and Betty went on a nudist vacation. According to Sean, Gilson is no longer a major issue since society has evolved. Erin comes into Robert Davis' sister's house and explains that she dismissed her brother because of his ties to a drug cartel led by Manny Vargas. Robert's gaming debts made him vulnerable to Vargas's advances.


Everyone in a public court proceeding will hear the truth. She maintains that her sibling was fundamentally decent. Erin says they have two options: either go to court or keep talking about what a great person her brother was and how he should be remembered. Sid has Eddie in his office; he overheard her asking questions at Marino's and suspects Jamie briefed her on the case. He denies informing Jamie, claiming instead that she knew. Mr. Duckworth, the victim, has awakened from his coma and is recovering in the hospital.
To help him identify the man, Baez shows him a picture of many other black males. He rules out everyone else and believes the suspect is Caucasian. He continues by saying the man's name was Spencer and that he was in a fraternity because of the Greek letters on his hand. Sandy, who Eddie and Jamie interviewed, claims she saw cocaine and Mericio and Stefano inside a food container. She claims she has to, but she has no idea whether Tracey even knew.
When Danny and Baez finally locate Spencer Holland at his fraternity home, they find he has markings all over his hands. He fesses up and begs to change into his shoes before being taken to jail. As Eddie, Jamie, and their squad enter Marinos, Jamie is forced to shoot Stefano in self-defense. Tracey is nowhere to be found, and several food shipments contain illegal substances. After Atkins is released, Danny visits him and tells him that everyone makes mistakes—including himself—and that he's sorry he didn't get his message.
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