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  2. Hulk Loves To Play An Snuggle With His Owner’s Boys
  3. Do Pitbulls Stereotypes Hold True?
  4. Recap: The World’s Biggest Pitbull Is A Gentle Giant

World’s Biggest Pitbull Plays With Kids: The Hulk Is Gentle Yet People Are Nuts

A gentle pitbull, but not just any pitbull, he's the biggest pitbull in the world! How silly that must sound, right? Yet, this pitbull, standing tall at 6ft on his back legs and weighing a total of 175lbs, is proving that giants can be gentle as well.

How gentle? So gentle that he can and is allowed to play with his owner’s kids, who also join their dad to train this big pal. 


Meet Hulk, The Biggest Pitbull With The Size Of A Mini Donkey

The Hulk you know is probably 8 feet tall, green, and loves to smash. But this big boi is a little smaller. The internet went absolutely bananas when videos and snapshots of a colossal 175-pound pit bull made their grand entrance online. 

Meet the Incredible Hulk, whose humans, Marlon and Lisa Grennan, run the Dark Dynasty K9 Kennels. These kennel folks are all about training protection dogs that can also moonlight as family pets.

Now, since Hulk's big reveal, he's become a bona fide media sensation. But along with his newfound fame, the great pit bull debate has resurfaced. Does Hulk smash the misconceptions surrounding this biggest pitbull breed

Meet Hulk, The Biggest Pitbull - big pitbull breeds

Hulk’s dog breed is the American pit bull terrier, a force to be reckoned with. When he was at the tender age of just 18 months, he tipped the scales at a whopping 175 pounds – that's three times the size of your average pit bull. 

This hulking canine sensation is proudly owned by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, a couple hailing from the wilds of New Hampshire, USA. They share their home with their sons, Jordan and Jackson.

Now, you might think Hulk's all brawn and no heart, given his guard dog training. But surprise! He's got a softer side. Despite his intimidating stature, he's become the best buddy of little Jordan, and Jackson.

Meet Hulk, The Biggest Pitbull - large pitbull breeds

Hulk the biggest pitbull boi gained popularity back in 2015 when a heartwarming YouTube video took the internet by storm. It featured none other than our 175-pound pit bull hero, Hulk, enjoying some good old-fashioned family time.

This gentle giant revealed his affinity for belly rubs, cozy family snuggles, and even some playful roughhousing with his handlers while honing his defense skills.

Marlon, Hulk's owner, proudly sings his praises. He describes Hulk as an all-around wonderful and exceptionally well-trained dog. To Marlon and Lisa, Hulk is more than just a massive powerhouse – he's a big softy at heart, fiercely devoted to loving and protecting his family. 


Hulk Loves To Play An Snuggle With His Owner’s Boys

Despite his massive size, Hulk is a gentle giant who shares a special bond with Jordan. You'll often find Jordan sleeping alongside Hulk, riding on his back, and giving him giant kisses on his colossal head. 

The Grennans trust this biggest pitbull completely with their young son, knowing that this enormous puppy understands when it's time to be a family dog and when he needs to be on guard duty.

Lisa is on a mission to change the way people perceive American Pit Bull Terriers. She firmly believes that these dogs are misunderstood and unfairly stigmatized. 

Hulk Loves To Play An Snuggle With His Owner’s Boys- largest pitbull breed

In fact, she's determined to set the record straight, stating on Facebook, "You got no idea what a good dog he is...the ultimate babysitter. If you don't have control over your dog...don't have dogs, PERIOD."

And her husband, Marlon, has no reservations about having their two kids train alongside his massive canine companion, Hulk.

In Marlon's eyes, it's all part of preparing an heir to his throne, and Jordan seems more than eager to take on the role. Marlon has absolutely zero concerns about his boys training with the dogs, as they've shown a keen interest in it from a very young age.

He even jokes that Jordan might have thought he was a dog at some point, considering his brother is the biggest pitbull ever.

Hulk Loves To Play An Snuggle With His Owner’s Boys- worlds.biggest pitbull

As a father, Marlon is thrilled to see Jordan getting more involved in the training, and little Jackson is always eager to be part of the action too.

Jordan started with the basics, working on obedience training and basic positions. Then, he moved on to more advanced routines with Hercules and Dynasty. But the ultimate test was when he had to control the 175-pound Hulk.

Before unleashing Hulk, Jordan had the chance to watch his father in action a few times to get a feel for it. But eventually, it was time for Jordan to experience the full power of Hulk.

biggest bulldog

Marlon explained that it's one thing to control a dog but another to feel its incredible power. If Jordan is going to follow in his father's footsteps, he needs to understand what it's like. So, he had to put on the sleeve and let Hulk take a bite.

There was some natural fear there, given the enormous size and strength of Hulk. But Marlon was amazed to see how Hulk toned down his power when working with Jordan. 

Despite being capable of taking a fully grown man to the ground effortlessly, Hulk was gentle and patient with Jordan, showcasing the incredible bond they shared.

biggest bulldog in the world

It's a unique family dynamic, but for the Grennans, it's a way of life, and it's clear that Jordan is learning valuable lessons from his giant canine brother.

However, some people were unhappy with how Marlon and his wife let the biggest pitbull play with their kids, with one commenting on Facebook: 

“That child is too young to be donning a bite sleeve! That dog is too big. What would happen if the dog missed? A child would be gravely hurt and it would be the parents' fault!”

While another lamented: “What the hell is wrong with you. R u crazy your son could have been killed. If I knew where u lived I'd make sure your child would be taken away from u.”

biggest bully breed

“Dumb ass... putting a bite sleeve on a child? Talk about irresponsible behavior. You give dog training and “pit bulls” a bad name. Just stop already.” Another demanded.

Yet, several other people seem to love what the Grennans were doing:

“You both are doing a great job! These lessons with the dogs will also go far in life for you kids! You are teaching them discipline, accountability and responsibility for adulthood as well!”

“The hulk is one of the most beautiful dog's I have ever seen. I wouldn't worry about all the negativity I believe your very good parents. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't let anything bad happen to your children.”

“Well organized. In total control. You see the dog knows what the sleeve is for. The dogs are very well behaved and are happy. Not my thing but good for this family.”


Do Pitbulls Stereotypes Hold True?

hulk the pitbull weight

The controversy surrounding pit bulls is well-known in Canada, especially in Ontario, where a pit bull ban was enacted back in 2005, and recently in the UK after the American XL Bully ban. 

However, the Grennans are working tirelessly to shatter the misconceptions surrounding this breed. Marlon, in particular, is frustrated by the negative stereotypes associated with pit bulls and hopes to change people's opinions.

Despite the criticism, their pups are in high demand worldwide. The price tag for one of Hulk's sons can soar up to $30,000 USD, and offers of up to $500,000 for Hulk himself have come their way. 

hulk pitbull weight

But Marlon has one thing to say: Hulk is priceless, and he's not for sale.

On their kennel's website, Marlon and Lisa emphasize that they are not running a puppy mill. They proudly promote the well-being and reputation of this working breed and ensure that every puppy and dog they raise and train is carefully vetted. 

They are affiliated with the American Dog Breeders Association and the United Kennel Club.


Recap: The World’s Biggest Pitbull Is A Gentle Giant

Recap: The World’s Biggest Pitbull Is A Gentle Giant

To your surprise, this 175lbs biggest pitbull in the world called Hulk from New Hampshire is nothing sort of scary to his family. Other than a protective dog, he is also playful and loves spending time around his little owners, Jordan and Jackson.

It’s rare to see such a beautiful friendship. Alongside Hulk, the Grennans are also trying to break the misconceptions about pit bulls and bring justice to them.

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