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  1. Why Was Big Jook Arrested In Memphis?
  2. What Was Big Jook/Yo Gotti - Young Dolph Feud About?
  3. Was Big Jook Convicted Of Any Crimes?
  4. Where Is Big Jook Now?
  5. Big Jook Arrested: Conclusion

Big Jook Arrested In Memphis: Did The Rapper Take Out A Rival In Cold Blood?

Young Dolph was a popular rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, who was shot and killed on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at the age of 36. Among many, Big Jook was a primary suspect in the shooting, having committed many brutal foul plays against the late rapper before, having shot the latter’s car over 100 times in 2017.

Dive into the spotlight cast on Big Jook and his role within this compelling narrative as we dissect the music industry's high-stakes clash and the unexpected shooting that shocked Memphis.


Why Was Big Jook Arrested In Memphis?

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On November 10, 2021, Memphis resident Big Jook, brother of rapper Yo Gotti, faced arrest as a suspect in the homicide of Young Dolph. The late Young Dolph, a prominent Memphis rapper, had been embroiled in an enduring rivalry with Yo Gotti and his affiliates. 

Of note, Big Jook appeared in a dated image alongside Hernandez Govan, another individual charged with murder and conspiracy linked to Young Dolph's demise. This photo has spurred inquiries into Big Jook's potential implication and association with Govan in the case.


What Was Big Jook/Yo Gotti - Young Dolph Feud About?

The feud between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti started in 2014 when Dolph declined Gotti's offer to sign him to his label, Collective Music Group (CMG). The two rappers exchanged shots on social media and diss tracks, accusing each other of being fake and jealous. In his track “Play Wit Yo B*tch,” Dolph raps, “You went from my biggest fan, to my biggest hater [facts]/Begging me to sign with you, but I had too much paper [facts].”

The beef escalated to violence in several incidents, such as when Dolph's SUV was shot at 100 times in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2017, and when Dolph was shot and wounded in Los Angeles later that year. Both times, Gotti's affiliates were implicated but later cleared of the charges. However, one of them, Howard "Keon" Wright, confessed to the shooting and received a 14-year sentence.


Was Big Jook Convicted Of Any Crimes?

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Big Jook has not been convicted of any crimes related to Young Dolph's murder. He was arrested as a suspect but released on a half-a-million bail. He has denied any involvement in the case and claimed that he has no connection with Govan. He also said that he has nothing to do with the feud between his brother and Dolph, and that he is focused on supporting CMG's artists and success.

Furthermore, his brother Yo Gotti clarifies their feud in an interview on The Breakfast Club, “Me and home never had one argument — ever in life. We never touched each other ever in life, we never exchanged no money ever in life. The fact is, I’m the biggest rapper from Memphis, I help a lot of rappers from Memphis. I don’t know, I can’t really think about what it is.” 


Where Is Big Jook Now?

Where Is Big Jook Now? - big jook arrested Source: Google Images

While Big Jook was arrested, he was also released on a $500,000 bond half a day later. The rapper adamantly proclaimed his innocence, distancing himself from the shooting's involvement. He also denied any friction with Young Dolph. His 2017 track, "No Beef," featured these lines: “They say I shot at Dolph, but that’s a lie. They tryna set me up, but I don’t know why. They want me locked up, but I’ma fly high. I ain’t got no beef with Dolph, he’s still my guy.”

Presently unconfined, Big Jook embraces life anew. Instagram posts depict serene beach moments and celebrations for his mother's birthday, alongside commendations for CMG artist BigGlo's album. Amid these updates, silence envelops the case and the associated rumors.


Big Jook Arrested: Conclusion

Big Jook Arrested Source: Google Images

Big Jook is a rapper who is allegedly involved in the shooting of Young Dolph, a rival of Yo Gotti, the founder of Collective Music Group (CMG), which has shocked the rap community and the city of Memphis. His arrest has sparked speculation about his role in the crime and his link to Govan, another suspect who was charged with murder and conspiracy. 

Was Big Jook arrested in Memphis? Yes he was, but the rapper has maintained his innocence and distanced himself from the feud between his brother Yo Gotti and Young Dolph. He is currently free on bail and enjoying his life.

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