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  1. Who Is Bert Kreischer’s Wife? LeeAnn Kreischer's Full Wiki
  2. LeeAnn Kreischer Is Wife Of The Party, Literally:
  3. LeeAnn Kreischer Is The Better Bowler Than Her Husband:
  4. She Has Better Senses, And A Sense Of Style Too:
  5. LeeAnn Kreischers Can Be A VERY Forgiving Woman:
  6. She’s His Partner In Life And For Life:
  7. LeeAnn Kreischer And Bert Kreischer’s Children
  8. She Has A Huge Funny Bone:
  9. Conclusion: The Machine Was A Far-Fetched Depiction Of Bert Kreischer's Wife, LeeAnn

LeeAnn Kreischer: Why Bert Kreischer’s Wife Is His Match Made In Funny Heaven

The Machine, Netflix’s recent surprise hit, makes viewers raise an eyebrow at the rocky relationship between Bert Kreischer’s wife, daughters, and the comedian. In the movie, LeeAnn is portrayed as a nagging and uptight woman who is unhappy with Bert’s career and lifestyle. 

Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer have openly shared their genuine love story of their enduring 20-year marriage. Has it all been a lie? Or was The Machine only a fictional account adapted from a stand-up comedy routine? Here is everything about LeeAnn Kreischer that proves she is his match made in funny heaven.


  • 'The Machine', an adaptation of Bert Kreischer’s stand-up comedy routine, and portrays a straining family dynamic. But it cannot be further from the truth.
  • LeeAnn Kreischer is Bert Kreischer’s wife of 20 years and a mother of two. She is also a writer, podcaster, and more.
  • LeeAnn Kreischer and  Bert Kreischer have been togerther for decades, but the haven't always got along.

Who Is Bert Kreischer’s Wife? LeeAnn Kreischer's Full Wiki

comedian bert kreischer wife Source: Google Images

LeeAnn Kreischer, originally LeeAnn Kemp, was born on August 20, 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia. At 52 years old, she is a versatile entertainer—an actress, writer, podcaster, and internet personality. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Standing at 5'6'' (168 cm) and weighing 132 lbs (60 kg), she possesses light brown hair and captivating hazel eyes. LeeAnn is of Caucasian descent, holding American nationality. She enjoys a happy marriage with the renowned comedian Bert Kreischer, with whom she has two children: Sasha (born 2004) and Tatiana (born 2006).

Her educational background includes attending Bowdon High School and later pursuing her studies at the University of Georgia. With an estimated net worth of $3 million, she has established herself firmly in the Entertainment industry and actively engages with her audience on Instagram (@leeannkreischer) and Twitter (@leeannwotp).

Notably, LeeAnn hails from a small and close-knit Georgia town, as discussed by Bert Kreischer on Theo Von's podcast in 2020. Growing up in Bowdon, Georgia, her family's roots run deep, with their presence on the same land since 1840, even marked on the church sign where they exchanged vows. LeeAnn once fondly mentioned, "Both my grandparents went to school in that church."


LeeAnn Kreischer Is Wife Of The Party, Literally:

LeeAnn Kreischer husband Source: Google Images

LeeAnn is the life of the party, quite literally! The comedian's wife hosts her own podcast titled "Wife of the Party," where she welcomes friends and family to share their stories and humor. She even interviews her daughters in one episode, diving into topics like school, hobbies, and their opinions.

What sets LeeAnn apart is her honesty and vulnerability. She doesn't shy away from giving advice and insights to her listeners. She summed up her podcast's purpose on her website, [], saying: "I hope this podcast makes you laugh, makes you think, and makes you feel like you have a friend in me."


LeeAnn Kreischer Is The Better Bowler Than Her Husband:

young leeann kreischer Source: leeannkreischer

Bert and LeeAnn's first real connection sparked at a bowling alley in Los Angeles. Both were there with their friends, and Bert was immediately smitten by LeeAnn. In an attempt to impress her, he tried to bowl a strike but ended up sending the ball to the wrong lane. On his second attempt, he hit the gutter. And on the third try, he threw the ball so hard that it flew over the pins and hit the wall behind them.

LeeAnn wasn't too impressed by Bert's bowling skills, but she found his antics amusing. She decided to give him a chance and strike up a conversation. In her words,

"He was very loud, very obnoxious, very funny... He asked me for my phone number that night, which I gave him because I thought he was funny—not because I thought he was cute or anything like that—just because I thought he was funny. And then we went out on our first date like three days later."

She Has Better Senses, And A Sense Of Style Too:

On their first date, Bert asked LeeAnn to marry him, which she thought was a joke. But it turned out to be a prophecy, as they fell in love and got engaged within six months.

“He was so different than anybody I had ever dated before. He was so open and honest and vulnerable and sweet and kind—all these things that you don't really see when you first meet him because he's so loud," she recounts.


LeeAnn Kreischers Can Be A VERY Forgiving Woman:

Bert Kreischers Wife: Leeann Kreischer Source: @leeannkreischer

But it wasn't always kisses and rainbows. Bert and LeeAnn shared this tale on the Dr. Drew After Dark podcast. During dinner with LeeAnn and her friends, they discussed an incident where a man lifted her skirt at an acting class. Bert, slightly intoxicated, expressed sympathy for the man, which upset the women. On the podcast, Bert expressed regret for his stance, acknowledging he wouldn't react the same way today.

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LeeAnn was furious with Bert for being rude to her friend. She told him to leave and never call her again. He tried to apologize to LeeAnn, but she wouldn't answer his calls or messages. In an attempt to make amends, Bert sent flowers and heartfelt apologies to LeeAnn's friends. When she visited his home for a conversation, she discovered Bert crying in the shower. Witnessing his genuine remorse, LeeAnn decided to reconcile with him.

Bert shared this story on his podcast, [Bertcast], where he said:

“I had to win back all of her friends. And I did. I fucking killed it that night. And then they all came back to my place and we partied.”

She’s His Partner In Life And For Life:

comedian bert kreischer wife Source: leeannkreischer

Fortunately, the Kreischer’s strained family relationship portrayed in The Machine is completely fictional! Bert and LeeAnn tied the knot in a small Malibu ceremony in 2003. They welcomed their first daughter, Georgia, in 2004, and Ila followed in 2007. The family settled in Los Angeles, where Bert pursued his comedy career while LeeAnn worked as a writer.

Both Bert and LeeAnn have been candid about their family life and parenting challenges, embracing their differences. Bert is the outgoing, spontaneous, adventurous party animal who loves drinking, traveling, and gambling. In contrast, LeeAnn is calm, rational, and organized, with a grounded demeanor.

leeann kreischer children Source: Google Images

Despite contrasting parenting styles and opinions, as Bert Kreischer’s wife, she respects his parenting style and vice versa. Bert explained in an interview with The Dad:

"We’re very different parents. She’s very strict. I’m very loose. She’s very organized. I’m very chaotic. She’s very thoughtful. I’m very impulsive ... We don’t always agree on everything but we always try to find a middle ground... Sometimes we argue in front of the kids but we always make sure to apologize and hug it out afterwards... We always try to show them that we love each other no matter what."

LeeAnn Kreischer And Bert Kreischer’s Children

LeeAnn Kreischer’s Children Source: leeannkreischer

Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer have two beautiful children. Georgia Kreischer, their first child, was born in 2004, albeit her precise birth date is uncertain. LeeAnn's moniker was inspired by her native state. In 2006, the couple received their second child, Ila Kreischer, who was named after Bert's late aunt, who Bert described as an alcoholic but was also quite funny.

Bert Kreischer’s family is the comedian’s first priority, as stated in one of his interviews. He confesses, though, that some of his prior mistakes may have negated that revelation, since he has been away from them for more than seven years while arranging a contract with a travel station for the show. His Bert the Explorer is a fictional character.


She Has A Huge Funny Bone:

bert and leeann kreischer Source: Google Images
LeeAnn is often the main subject of Bert’s comedy routines, where he jokes about their sex life, their arguments, and their differences. He also impersonates her voice and mannerisms, which he calls “The LeeAnn Voice”. LeeAnn is a good sport, takes it with strikes, and sometimes even joins him on stage.
Being Bert Kreischer’s wife, a comedian known for his crass and loud humor, LeeAnn commented on Bert’s jokes about her on [The Joe Rogan Experience], where she said: “I think it’s funny. I mean, he exaggerates a lot, but there’s always some truth in it. And I know he loves me, so I don’t mind.”

Conclusion: The Machine Was A Far-Fetched Depiction Of Bert Kreischer's Wife, LeeAnn

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The Machine is a 2023 action comedy movie starring Bert Kreischer as himself and Mark Hamill as his father. "The Machine" is a 2023 comedy film with Bert Kreischer and Mark Hamill. It's inspired by Bert's true story of getting mixed up with the Russian mafia during college in 1995. Most importantly, LeeAnn herself has given her two cents on her depiction in The Machine:

"I’m happy for Bert and I think the movie is funny, but I don’t like how they made me look like a bitch. I mean, I’m not a saint, but I’m not that bad. And I wish they had consulted me more on the script and the casting. I mean, no offense to Stephanie, but she doesn’t look anything like me."

There you have it; The Machine might have been a number-one hit on Netflix, but the strained relationships between Bert, LeeAnn and their children were definitely fabricated. LeeAnn Kreischer is more than just Bert Kreischer’s wife; she is his partner in life! Even though their road hasn't always been easy, LeeAnn and Bert stay steadfast together for 20 years, raising two beautiful daughters, Georgia and Ila. 

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