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Who Is Jennifer Zeledon, Bella Fontanelle’s Mother? Check Out Her Wiki And Age

Are you curious to learn more about Jennifer Zeledon, the mother of the unlucky girl, Bella Fontanelle? Well, you're in the right place! In this article, we'll delve into Jennifer Zeledon's background, wiki, age, job and even explore details about her husband. Let's satisfy your curiosity and uncover the fascinating life of Jennifer Zeledon.


Jennifer Zeledon: Bella Fontanelle’s Mother

Jennifer Zeledon: Bella Fontanelle’s Mother Source: Google Images

Who Is Bella Fontanelle?

Bella Fontanelle was just a little 6-year-old girl attending St. Matthew the Apostle Kindergarten. Sadly, on the morning of April 26, 2023, a tragic discovery was made in her mother's backyard: Bella's lifeless body was found in a bucket.

Following a thorough investigation by Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, the Jefferson Parish Medical Examiner, it was determined that Bella had suffered multiple injuries, leading to the classification of her passing as a homicide.

When Bella went missing, her father reported it to the nearby police station. Later, they found her remains, which had been tragically dismembered, in a container right outside her mother's house.

This heartbreaking incident raised many questions about her mother, Jennifer Zeledon.

Hannah Bunnak Landon - bella fontanelle mother Source: Google Images

Who Is Bella Fontanelle’s Mother?

Jennifer Zeledon is Bella Fontanella’s mom. She had many conflicts with her ex-husband's girlfriend, Hannah Bunnak Landon.

On Wednesday afternoon, April 26, 2023, Bunnak Landon was arrested at a local hospital because she suspected involvement in the murder of her 6-year-old daughter.

Recent legal records revealed that Jennifer and Hannah had disagreements in 2021. On March 17, 2021, they had a physical confrontation during a swim meet for one of the children, as documented. Bella's dad had to step in to resolve the situation.

In another incident that occurred on June 8, 2021, Jennifer and Hannah reportedly had a heated argument during a soccer match. They engaged in hair-pulling, pushing, kicking, and grabbing each other.


Jennifer Zeledon’s Wiki

We have no information about the occupation of Jennifer Zeledon, Fontanelle’s mom, because it remains undisclosed at this time.


What Is Jennifer Zeledon’s Age?

Jennifer Zeledon's exact age is also kept under wraps.


Who Is Jennifer Zeledon’s Husband?

bella fontanelle mom

Bella Fontanelle with her father Michael Fontanelle (left) and Bunnak Landon (center)

Jennifer Zeledon was married to Michael Fontenelle, and they had a daughter, Bella Fontanelle. Details about Jennifer’s marriage to Michael remain unknown.

However, it can be said that they are no longer together. According to Sheriff Joe Lopinto, after their daughter’s passing, Jennifer and Michael were questioned but are not considered suspects in this homicide investigation.

It is worth noting that Michael was in a relationship with Hannah Landon, also known as Bunnak Lim, who has been accused of Bella's tragic incident. It has been suggested that Michael and this woman have a daughter together, but her name has not been revealed.

A neighbor's surveillance camera recorded an important piece of evidence, which is the moment when Hannah moved a cart with a container nearby before the discovery of Bella's body.

Louisiana police arrested Michael’s girlfriend, Hannah Landon. She faces charges of first-degree murder and obstruction of justice. As of now, Hannah is being held without bond at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.



Bella Fontanelle Source: Google Images

We’ve shared with you important information about Jennifer Zeledon, Bella Fontanelle’s mother, as well as the tragic story of Bella, a young girl whose life was cut short in 2023. Although we don’t have information about Jennifer Zeledon's and her husband’s age and occupation, which remain undisclosed, we provided you with the details of Bella’s tragic passing. We hope that they are useful for you.

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