Before And After Pictures That Show Drastic Changes

Time passes, and things change. For many people, comparing the past with the present is something interesting as they can realize how drastically things around them have changed, either backward or onward. As a result, they have put two pictures (one taken in the past and one taken in the present) side by side to compare. And the results are really awesome. They then couldn't help but share their before & after pictures with other people online.
We have compiled a list of 20 before & after pictures that perfectly demonstrate the power of time. Some of them are wholesome. Some are funny. And some will make you say "wow". Scroll down to check them out. Also, don't forget to vote for your favs. Also, if you have any funny or heart-warming pictures, please share them with us by leaving them in the comments.

#1. Left: 10 years into a heroin/meth addiction. Right: 3ish years clean

Source: thisisworst

#2. 10 years ago and now

Source: likeallstuff

#3. 15 months apart

Source: Diana0003

#4. What a difference 3 years can make

Source: reddit

#5. Me and my boy when he was a pup and then the bottom is from maybe 2 years ago. He’s 15yo and going strong!

Source: brl621

#6. My mom’s phone from 1998 vs. my phone from 2018

Source: jakecc_

#7. 17 years apart

Source: isaiah44nez

#8. Bike ride in Kreuzberg then (~1985) and now (2018)

Source: reddit

#9. Our first trip (2013) become the place where he proposed to me (2018)

Source: reddit

#10. 123lb difference

Source: reddit

#11. Toucan with a reconstructed beak done throughout 3D printing

Before & After PicturesSource: reddit

#12. Zlatni Rat beach in Croatia after a storm

Before & After PicturesSource:

#13. My sister and I recreated our first picture together

Before & After PicturesSource: blackmachine312

#14. Photos of my high school (left) and college (right) graduations, side by side. Love how much happier I look after college. Still consider it to be among the best years of my life

Before & After PicturesSource: TheShortestAvenger

#15. Two years and TONS of walks later, Shiloh has reached her target weight!!

Before & After PicturesSource: mikerich15

#16. All these years and there is still her favorite place

Before & After PicturesSource: Nozawa_Haruhisa

#17. We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are 21 years later

Before & After PicturesSource: AudsOrEvens

#18. Our yearly reenactment of “The Circle of Life” on the anniversary of his adoption

Before & After PicturesSource: jeffreybbbbbbbb

#19. 18 years of loving this most excellent kid!

Before & After PicturesSource: Fishmike52

#20. 22 years and counting

Before & After PicturesSource: tgalen

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