22 "Before And After" Images That Are Hard To Take Our Eyes Off

Have you ever wondered why time passes so quickly that we don't even notice it? Only when we can only notice the imprints it leaves on the objects around us take a moment of rest when we take a minute to relax. From broken dice to decrepit trains, everything seems so different from what they were at the last time we saw them. Because we are very busy in the race for fame and wealth, we seem to forget about them.

There are two possible directions for the changes: either backward or forward. No matter what direction things change, the "before and now" or "before and after" images usually catch our attention. We want to share our excitement with you today and show you some of the outstanding (in our opinion) images that will pleasantly surprise you. Scroll down to check them out. We hope these pictures of “Before And After” will brighten your day.

#1. Before & after Folsom Lake drought


#2. In Lucille Balle's hometown of Celeron, NY a statue was commissioned to honor the TV star... but it was so bad it was dubbed "Scary Lucy". The replacement statue was unveiled yesterday, here's the before and after

Source: qp0n

#3. Artist's incredible 13-year progress

Source: whiskyart

#4. The artist who made Ronaldo’s bust a year ago got a second chance. He did better this time!

Source: gangbangkang

#5. Medal Of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter before and after facial reconstruction surgery

Source: ThisTimeLastYear

#6. Ulyanovsk. Before and now

Source: A1Steven

#7. Puppy found in combat before and after

Source: justlax7

#8. A before and after pic of the Berlin Wall


#9. Here's how a makeup artist can turn a pretty girl into a monster

Source: warnerbros

#10. 10 years of learning to draw

Source: Mariange

#11. "Today, I am officially 10 years cancer free! Here is a before and after photo to show how far I've come. Kicking cancer's ass 10 years and counting!"


#12. Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth. Progress from 3 weeks left inside to 3 weeks on the outside

Source: borrow_a_feeling

#13. Before and after...

Source: svpipesdesign1982

#14. "Star Wars" are always amazing

Source: lucasfilm

#15. Couple at Woodstock 48 hrs after they met and 50 years later

Source: downwarddawg

#16. "I broke my neck and was paralyzed in Dec. 2010. Here is a photo of the first drawing I did in rehab, with assistance from my recreational therapist Ashley. Followed by a self-portrait I did 7 years later. I’ve improved a little"

Source: natebibaud

#17. 58 years of progress

Source: [deleted]

#18. After Kobe’s final game, he was inspired to start working out and ended up losing 170 lbs

Source: gangbangkang

#19. Derry City Northern Ireland - then and now

Source: falentine

#20. Cousins, 14 years later. Nothing has changed...


#21. After years of tooth pain and hiding my smile, I got dentures! They literally MadeMeSmile!

Source: VernalPathOG

#22. Before and After

Source: silver_donut11

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