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  1. Who Is Barbara Dobbs?
  2. Who Are Ron White’s Other Wives?
  3. Is Barbara Dobbs Married?
  4. What Is Barbara Dobbs's Net Worth?
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Who Is Barbara Dobbs, One Of Ron White's Dedicated Wives?

Ron White, famously dubbed "Tater Salad," rings a bell. Yet, the comedian now seems synonymous with being a divorcee, having parted ways with singer Margo Rey. But, the question looms: Did his sharp edge extend to his second wife, Barbara Dobbs? And where does she fit into this tale? Let's dive in for the details.


Who Is Barbara Dobbs?

Barbara Dobbs, who is recognized as an interior designer, holds more than that title. She's also the former spouse of Ron White, the celebrated stand-up comic, actor, and author, noted as an original member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Her journey began in 1951, with educational pursuits at Cuyahoga Community College and Ohio State University. Notably, her expertise extended to enhancing spaces for another famed entertainer, Jeff Foxworthy. Dobbs also used to work for the now-defunct company, Interior Visions Design Group LLC.


Who Are Ron White’s Other Wives?

Who Are Ron White’s Wives? - barbara dobbs Source: Google Images

Ron White has been married three times. He tied the knot with Lori Brice in 1981, parting ways in '93, and they share a son named Marshall.

Ten years later came Barbara Dobbs, who entered his life in 2004 but parted ways by 2008. Their marriage is private, with no information ever making headlines.

His third chapter featured Margo Rey, a Mexican songstress, whom he married in 2013 but parted ways with in 2017. Rey accused him of financial struggles post-cancer and even changing the locks on their home, as well as canceling 30 of her shows unannounced, pushing her towards destituteness. White even went as far as claiming they were never married to avoid paying spousal support, but the judge saw through his ruse!


Is Barbara Dobbs Married?

There is no information about Barbara Dobbs' current marital status. She has not been publicly linked to anyone since her divorce from Ron White in 2008. Dobbs has kept a low profile while she was married to the Texas-born comedian, and continues to do so to this day.


What Is Barbara Dobbs's Net Worth?

Barbara Dobbs's net worth is not publicly known. However, she may have received some alimony from Ron White, who has an estimated net worth of $40 million as of 2023.  She may also have some income from her interior design work.



In concluding our exploration of Barbara Dobbs' life and legacy, we've delved into the intricate chapters of her biography. While her journey as an interior designer intertwines with her association with renowned comedian Ron White, her individual narrative stands strong. 

As we've learned about Ron White's other marriages, we've glimpsed into the diverse chapters of Barbara Dobbs' life. While her information is indeed limited, to the point of being obscured, we have put together every bit of scarce information about Barbara Dobbs, one of Ron White’s wives.

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