18 Most Ridiculous, Inappropriate, Bad Playgrounds That Truly Suck!

The playground is considered a place for children to entertain, exercise their limbs, and develop their imagination. Therefore, the designs must bring creativity and vibrancy to the children's play area. Here is a compilation of 20 bad playgrounds that are ridiculously inappropriate. Who knew that mundane things like slides, swings and Spiderman could turn out to be sensuous or ridiculous with just a few poorly designed, inappropriate placements? Indeed, some of these backyard playgrounds have really disturbing shapes that make parents wonder why the designers could ignore the oddity. Scroll down below to see photos of the most ridiculous, inappropriate, bad playgrounds that are not suitable for children, but will surely bring you laughter.
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Bad Playgrounds 20 bad playgrounds for kids

Source: thepoke

#2 Vegetable grater slide

Bad Playgrounds 19 Vegetable grater slide

Source: cas

Source: Ranker

#3 Sorrowful face

Bad Playgrounds 17 Sorrowful face

Source: c0253484


Bad Playgrounds 15Source:


Bad Playgrounds 14Source:

#6 Uncomely Spiderman

Bad Playgrounds 13 Uncomely Spiderman

Source: __jonAtan

#7 Not a very friendly slide

Bad Playgrounds 12 Not a very friendly slide

Source: tzvibish

#8 Scary mom and daughter

Bad Playgrounds 11 Scary mom and daughter

Source: boredpanda


Bad Playgrounds 10

Source: Cowsareinme

#10 A sinked Titanic ship? Once is enough!

Bad Playgrounds 9 A titanic ship sinked? once is enough!

Source: Federagit

#11 Pooh's daddy?

Bad Playgrounds 8 Pooh's daddy?

Source:  Dynamics_GD

#12 I am concerned about the safety of this particular slide

Bad Playgrounds 7Source: arquiteturadaconvivencia


Bad Playgrounds 6

Source: Supergracioso


Bad Playgrounds 5



Bad Playgrounds 4

Source: Medium


Bad Playgrounds 3 bad playgrounds for kids

Source: Rethinking Childhood


Bad Playgrounds 2

Source: No Fault


Bad Playgrounds 1

Source: Awesome Inventions

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