10 Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names Of All Time

Choosing a name seems to be easy, but it truly causes a headache for parents. Certainly, they all want to find a meaningful name for their children and spend a lot of time agonizing over naming that will suit their baby’s personality. It must be a perfect and unique name.
The uniqueness can make the baby name one-of-a-kind, but sometimes it becomes so weird that we can't understand even when we try to find a reasonable explanation for them. In fact, in some ancient Eastern cultures, people believe that an ugly name can keep children away from the devil because they often take children who have beautiful names (gorgeous looks as well). So we don’t think having an unusual name isn’t such a bad thing and we hope all the children are blessed.
Still, no matter why celebrities give their children quirky names, here are some of wcelebrity Baby Names"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":14398,"4":{"1":2,"2":14281427},"5":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"6":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"7":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"8":{"1":[{"1":2,"2":0,"5":{"1":2,"2":0}},{"1":0,"2":0,"3":3},{"1":1,"2":0,"4":1}]},"14":{"1":2,"2":255},"15":""Times New Roman"","16":12}">eird celebrity baby names. Let’s scroll down to find out some interesting baby names given by celebrities!

#1 X Æ A-12 Musk

Source: People

When Elon Musk and his then-partner, musician Grimes, announced that they were naming their baby X Æ A-12, most people had the same reaction: an accompanying roll of the eye. to the obvious question, "How on earth is that pronounced? Obviously, they just called him "X", which was really the best possible choice in that mess.

#2 Tu Morrow

Source: Officialrobmorrow/ Instagram

The interesting thing about funny or quirky names is that they can be fun to say at first, but the child has to live with that for the rest of their life! So yeah, we'll include actor Rob Morrow choosing the name From for his daughter: Tu Morrow.

#3 North West

Source: Kimkardashian/ Instagram

North West may be on its way to becoming a fashion icon or influencer, but we still think using a directional name is a silly choice for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. However, it has set the trend for the rest of their child names to also go in some strange directions.

#4 Apple Martin

Source: gwynethpaltrow/ Instagram

One of the most frequently mocked famous names in the 2000s was Apple Martin, the 18-year-old daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. At the time, Gwyneth told Oprah Winfrey, "When we were first pregnant, her dad said, 'If it's a girl, I think her name should be Apple.' It sounds so sweet, and it reminds me of a lovely image. Apples are so sweet and they're so healthy and it's the bible, and I just think it sounds adorable."

#5 Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette

Source: pennandtellerlive/ Instagram

Magician Penn Jillette (half of the iconic Penn & Teller duo) chose a mind-blowing name for her daughter, now 17. The girl's name is Moxie CrimeFighter. He revealed that he and his wife "picked her middle name because when she pulled over to speed, she could say, 'But officer, we're on the same side. I'm CrimeFighter.'"

#6 Bluebell Madonna Halliwell

Source: therealgerihalliwell/ Instagram

Geri Halliwell will forever be one of our favorite Spice Girls, but her choice of a name for her first child pops up some interesting questions. Her daughter is named Bluebell Madonna, which makes us wonder which makes us wonder why some flower names (Lily or Rose, for example) seem perfectly lovely but Bluebell seems kind of goofy?

#7 Rumer Willis

Source: rumerwillis/ Instagram

We're not sure what's worse: naming a child a synonym for gossip or naming them a synonym for gossip but not spelled correctly? Either way, it leads to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Rumer Glenn Willis.

#8 Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale

Source: gwenstefani/ Instagram

We prefer a double middle name. It's a great way to use three favorite names, but a name like Zuma Nesta Rock only seems to have a LOT of names for a child, even if that child is the child of two rock stars ( Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale).

#9 Diezel Braxton-Lewis

Source: diezel.braxton/ Instagram

Judging by his Instagram account, Toni Braxton's son, Diesel Braxton-Lewis, is a stylish and personable 19-year-old with extreme hair. However, according to the spell check, Diesel is just a misspelling of the word diesel, which seems like an odd choice for a name.

#10 Royalty Brown

Source: missroyaltybrown/ Instagram

Honestly, we've never really forgiven singer Chris Brown for his history of domestic violence. So it may seem petty that we're also not a huge fan of his name choices for our children, including Royalty for a daughter and Lovely Symphani for the other.
Here are some weird celebrity baby names you have ever seen. Follow us for more information!
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