24 Times People's Awful Ideas Were Surprisingly Well-Executed

When it comes to art and design, creativity knows no bounds. Sometimes, unconventional (or even terrible) ideas lead to awesome and mesmerizing results that no one is ready for. Let us introduce to you this online community on Reddit called Awful Taste But Great Execution that collects people's awful ideas executed flawlessly. That is to prove that sometimes you don’t need to have a good taste to do things perfectly.
We have compiled a list of 24 awful ideas that were surprisingly well-executed. Scroll down for some fun! Check out our earlier article for more: 23 People Who Have Very Questionable Tastes In Everyday Things.

#1. This poor Adidas cat...

Source: SuperNeonSamurai-2

#2. !?!

Source: ihrie82

#3. Limited parts at the body bank?

Source: I_Miss_America

#4. Is it a wedding car, or a funeral car?

Source: mrsumoskar

#5. Spaghetti vase

Source: Ok_Topic3020

#6. Alien facehugger leather mask

Source: brodyf

#7. Body temperature wine. Gross.

Source: KittenOnKeys

#8. Furry nails

Source: Xander395

#9. My heart is yours

Source: lysergic_818

#10. This table

Source: reaofsunshine_

#11. Front cover of Blonde by Frank Ocean

Source: KyoMiyake

#12. Vegetarian's party dress

Source: j3ffr33d0m

#13. Teeth brace ring

Source: fen0x

#14. Saw these end tables on Facebook marketplace today

Source: andiemcg86

#15. I just know these are itchy

Source: catsincashews

#16. Guac mobile

Source: Addicted-2Diving

#17. I can already smell the mildew..

Source: AWildGamerAppeared25

#18. Rock me mamma like a wagon wheel

Source: Xander395

#19. Rock and roll McDonald’s

Source: ghostmark2005

#20. Feet heels

Source: desertmamba

#21. Aggressively unappealing

Source: ihrie82

#22. I think there’s something wrong with my dog. It doesn’t bark, it just honks

Source: Gvc92

#23. Jeyoncé

Source: KayleighJK

#24. Hello Kitty lash extensions

Source: Koda_kola

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