23 People Who Have Very Questionable Tastes In Everyday Things

To be fair, who doesn't have crazy ideas sometimes? Some choose to keep them to themselves but others don't. They are so confident in their tastes and manage to make their thoughts come true. And of course, they just can't wait to show the world. If you are an active member on Reddit, you probably have heard of this subreddit Awful Taste But Great Execution. This online community is where people collect and share the products of crazy ideas that are made real. Toilet decorations, nails, cakes, tattoos, etc. All common things like these but made with the most insane thoughts ever.
We made a compilation of 23 people who have very questionable tastes in everyday things. Scroll down for some fun. Probably you just can't decide whether to love or hate them or do both at the same time.

#1. "I can only imagine the rest of the house is also decorated like this"

Source: gingercat04

#2. This going away cake for a midwife

Source: dingusdongus

#3. Imagine your eyes having bad breath

Source: attemptnumber58

#4. Headlights included!

Source: l_ur_ker

#5. Who commissions things like this?

Source: IndividualwMinute

#6. Paris in Emily

Source: lndianJoe

#7. The stupid tattoo removal industry will be huge in 20 years

Source: No-Association3574

#8. "A toilet does have a large cavity, but this isn't quite what I had in mind"

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#9. Never let them know your next move

Source: rm8991

#10. Titanic movie nails

Source: zstone

#11. When your tattoo looks more like you than you do yourself

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#12. Shrimply having a wonderful Christmas

Source: the-pink-pineapple

#13. Hot toddy in a mini toilet

Source: payasyouexit

#14. Looks that can krill

people with questionable tastesSource: PM_ME_KITTYNIPPLES

#15. Yes, the tongue swings

Source: BaronVonBroccoli

#16. "I would definitely buy this (but I’m guessing I can’t afford it)"

Source: kage1414

#17. 10/10 wood wear

people with questionable tastesSource: kage1414

#18. Mushroom Car

people with questionable tastesSource: unpottedBloom709

#19. Fingering

people with questionable tastesSource: Mostweaken41

#20. Visiting the international furniture fair in cologne was definitely worth it!

people with questionable tastesSource: x80x80

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