Allow us to introduce you to Judy Dimartino, a seasoned writer whose extraordinary talent shines brightest in the realm of celebrity journalism. Her journey into this captivating world was marked by an unmistakable calling to explore the lives, stories, and secrets of the stars who grace our screens and magazine covers.


Judy Dimartino's educational background is as enigmatic as the celebrities she covers. While the specifics of her academic journey remain closely guarded, it's evident that she possesses a deep reservoir of knowledge and critical thinking skills that have undoubtedly contributed to her success in the world of celebrity journalism. Her ability to dissect complex stories and navigate the intricacies of the entertainment industry speaks to a unique blend of formal education and real-world experience, making her a true authority in her field.


With a career steeped in the art of storytelling and a history of ghostwriting, Judy's transition into celebrity reporting felt like a natural progression. Her passion for entertainment knows no bounds, as she immerses herself in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood's A-listers. Judy's favorite shows, such as the Impaulsive podcast, have been instrumental in shaping her perspective on the industry. The unfiltered conversations and behind-the-scenes revelations provide valuable insights that fuel her work.

When she's not tuning into the latest episodes of Impaulsive, Judy eagerly follows the updates from TMZ and Hollywood Inside, always on the lookout for the hottest celebrity scoops and breaking news. It's a world where headlines change in an instant, and Judy is there to capture every moment.

Judy Dimartino's dedication to her craft is unwavering. She is committed to bringing you the most captivating celebrity news, exclusive interviews, and thought-provoking analyses. With her finger on the pulse of Hollywood, Judy offers readers a front-row seat to the lives of the rich, famous, and influential. Join her on this thrilling journey through the glitzy world of entertainment, where the stories are as fascinating as the celebrities themselves.

The AUBTU.BIZ Team, alongside author Judy Dimartino!