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  1. How Did Ashley Cruger And Taylor Kinney Meet?
  2. What Is Ashley Cruger's Age?
  3. How Much Is Ashley Cruger's Net Worth?
  4. What's Ashley Cruger's Occupation?
  5. Where Can I Find Ashley Cruger's Instagram?
  6. How Tall Is Ashley Cruger?
  7. Fun Facts About Ashley Cruger's Family
  8. Where Is Ashley Cruger From?
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All About Ashley Cruger, Taylor Kinney's Girlfriend: Age, Net Worth & More

Meet Ashley Cruger, Taylor Kinney’s current girlfriend. We all know Taylor Kinney, who’s a renowned American actor and model. He’s best known for his works in The Vampire Diaries, Chicago Fire, The Other Woman, and Zero Dark Thirty. He also once dated the popular songstress Lady Gaga.

However, few have heard about Ashley, who has both the look and the intellect to mesmerize the actor. It’s time to learn more about Taylor Kinney's girlfriend, whose identity is still shrouded in mystery.


How Did Ashley Cruger And Taylor Kinney Meet?

ashley cruger taylor kinney Source: Google Images

Ashley first made her public debut back in April 2022, appearing alongside Taylor Kinney in the 10th annual Operation Smile Ski and Smile Challenge in Utah, USA. The two publicly kissed in front of the press, thus confirming their relationship.

The couple didn’t reveal how long they have been together, but fans believe they started dating some time in 2021. While they prefer to keep their relationship private, Ashley often shares photos of their intimate moments on different platforms such as Instagram. 

Both Ashley and Taylor were seen hand-in-hand in public on numerous occasions, either going on bike rides or heading to MotoGP events. Ashley also made a small cameo role in Taylor’s ongoing series, Chicago Fire, in season 11.


What Is Ashley Cruger's Age?

ashley cruger age Source: Google Images

Ashley was born in April 1996. She’s currently 27 years old. Her exact birthday isn’t revealed yet.


How Much Is Ashley Cruger's Net Worth?

Currently working as a model, Ashley had a net worth of around $1 million as of August 1, 2023.


What's Ashley Cruger's Occupation?

While Ashley prefers to keep her personal life private from the public, many sources claim that Taylor Kinney’s girlfriend is working as a model. According to these sources, Ashley is signed to the BMG modeling agency, with her portfolio listing her occupation as a “female lifestyle model”. 

According to LinkedIn, Ashley also works full-time as a sales and marketing specialist at El Bandido Yankee Tequila Company, and part-time at Eagle Six Properties.


Where Can I Find Ashley Cruger's Instagram?

Ashley is active on Instagram, where she occasionally posts pictures of her and Taylor together. Her account, @ashleyypt, has 2953 followers, and is set to private.


How Tall Is Ashley Cruger?

Ashley’s height is around 5’9” (approximately 175cm). According to her BMG model profile, her measurements are 36, 27, and 37 inches. She wears a 4-6 (US) dress and size 10 (US) shoes.

One distinct facial feature of Ashley is her dark blue eyes, which are praised by fans as “very beautiful.”


Fun Facts About Ashley Cruger's Family

ashely cruger family Source: Google Images

Ashley’s father is Timothy Scott Cruger, who’s 60 years old and is currently living in Naperville, Illinois. His mother (Ashley’s grandmother), Lynn Cruger, passed away in 2020. Ashley’s grandfather and Tim’s dad, Christopher Cruger Jr., served in the army for three years, completed the Ranger certification, and passed away in November 2015.

Ashley’s mother is Lynn Seugling Cruger, a Green Mountain College graduate. The model also has four siblings: two sisters Lauren and Hope; and two brothers Jarred and Sam Cruger.


Where Is Ashley Cruger From?

ashley cruger net worth Source: Google Images

Like her father, Ashley was born and raised in Naperville, Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 2017, and is residing in Chicago at the moment of writing.



It appears that Taylor Kinney has found himself a keeper, as Ashley Cruger excels in both beauty and brains. While the two have a considerable age gap, they have managed to pull through and still maintain their love to this day. Having a more grounded girlfriend will also help Taylor a lot with his celebrity life.

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