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  1. Ashley Barkis Car Accident: What Really Happened?
  2. Ashley Barkis Car Accident Update: Is Ashley Barkis Arrested?
  3. Who Is Ashley Barkis The Sales Manager Of 24 Fitness?
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24 Hour Fitness Ashley Barkis Car Accident: Is Ashley Barkis Arrested?

The Ashley Barkis' car accident story has enraged everyone. So, here's all we know about the sales manager at 24-Hour Fitness.

Ashley Barkis is an Oceanside, California native who works as a sales manager at 24 Hour Fitness. The Oceanside native appears to like dancing, as her Facebook page claims that she is a dancer.

Furthermore, Barkis is presently in the limelight due to the footage of her accident. Aside from the collision, Barkis is accused of abusing the other driver, and the footage was recorded.

The video has already gone viral on social media, and everyone is calling for her arrest. So, here's the most recent information about her accident and arrest.


Ashley Barkis Car Accident: What Really Happened?

Ashley Barkis, the sales manager of 24 Hour Fitness, was involved in an automobile accident on May 18, 2023. The automobile collision occurred in California, and the two vehicles appear to have collided.

Ashley was recognized as one of the vehicle's drivers, and many people reported that the other driver was Christian Barrientos.

Further facts about the vehicle collision have not been provided to the public since the police department has not yet issued a statement. 

Everyone on social media, however, is talking about his vehicle accident. Meanwhile, a video has gone viral showing Ashley making racial slurs and aggressively abusing the other motorist.


Ashley Barkis Car Accident Update: Is Ashley Barkis Arrested?

ashley barkis arrested Source: TikTok
ashley barkis car accident Source: TikTok

Atelier Inga reported that Barkis had been detained, although the confirmed news has yet to be released.

Ashely Barkis was in a vehicle accident in California, and many are curious about her injuries. However, no information about her injuries has been released.

However, both drivers may have suffered minor injuries as a result of the crash. Everyone chastised Barkis for assaulting the other motorist and pushing him into oncoming traffic.

People on social media are calling for her to be arrested and prosecuted with attempted murder, assault, and battery.


Who Is Ashley Barkis The Sales Manager Of 24 Fitness?

ashley barkis instagram Source: Google Images

Ashley Barkis, a 24 Hour Fitness sales manager, is facing outrage on social media as a result of the recent vehicle accident. In the footage, we witness her getting into a fight with a man. She appears to have already quit her job at 24 Hour Fitness.

24 Hour Fitness has also issued a tweet about this situation, claiming that she has not been involved with the firm for several years.

Aside from that, individuals are concerned about Barkis' personal life and have raised several concerns online. She is originally from Oceanside, California, but now resides in Anaheim, California.



ashley barkis conclusion Source: Google Images

The Ashley Barkis' car accident saga has captured widespread attention and ignited public outrage. The 24 Hour Fitness sales manager from Oceanside, California, found herself at the center of a social media storm after a collision incident.

Beyond the accident itself, she faces allegations of verbal abuse and aggressive behavior towards the other driver, Christian Barrientos, in a viral video. Calls for her arrest on charges including attempted murder, assault, and battery have flooded social platforms.

While her actual arrest status remains unconfirmed, the incident has raised concerns and prompted discussions about her personal life and background, leaving the public eager for further updates.

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