Arsenal Is Craving For Transfer Windfall: Ben White, Matt Turner, Granit Xhaka Are On The Line

As the World Cup progresses, Arsenal is getting ready for their first game after the break that they took for the midseason. After recording yet another loss, the emphasis has shifted to how much money the club will be able to spend during the winter months. The January window is drawing nearer by the day. Arsenal longing for transfer might be seen here.
Arsenal has received some financial gain from its players' participation, despite the fact that it is anticipated that the amount of money received will not be as significant as it was during the summer. Around £8,500 is paid to each player by FIFA every day they are away from the team.

Arsenal Seems To Be Ready For The Transfer Period

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Ten players from Arsenal were originally scheduled to compete in Qatar; however, as the competition has progressed to the quarterfinals, many have been forced to withdraw due to elimination, injury, or other factors. After the group stages, Arsenal earned at least 1,589,500 pounds by taking the sum from the previous sentence as a guide.
As it is anticipated that Ben White would not return to the England camp for the event, the cash that he was expecting to receive due to his participation in the competition may have been lost due to his departure. Thomas Partey's Ghana was knocked out of the competition on the third matchday, and as a result, his benefits were finished off at the end of the group stage.
The United States of America team captained by Matt Turner was eliminated by the Netherlands in the first round of the last 16 matches. His one and an only day spent in the knockouts brought in an additional £8,500 for the team.

List of Potential Transfers

Two days later, Croatia defeated Takehiro Tomiyasu's Japan on penalties, earning Arsenal an additional £25,500 in prize money. Gabriel Jesus, on the other hand, sustained an injury after the group stage and, according to reports, was rushed home for surgery on December 4. This meant additional payments after the group stage totaled at least £17,000.
Portugal prevailed against Granit Xhaka and Switzerland in the decisive match of the round of 16 to go to the quarterfinals. The fact that the former captain of Arsenal will be flying directly to Dubai to link up with the rest of the team has been verified. However, an additional £34,000 was added because of his extended stay in Qatar.
Transfer Windfall
William Saliba, Bukayo Saka, Aaron Ramsdale, and Gabriel Martinelli were successful in advancing to the quarterfinals, while France, England, and Brazil had contributed an additional £204,000 up until Wednesday. This indicates that the current sum Arsenal gained from its players' participation in the World Cup stands at around 1,878,500 dollars.
Transfer Windfall
If France, coached by Saliba, were to lose to Brazil in the semifinals and England would advance to the final against Brazil, then Arsenal's potential profit would increase to around £2,133,500. This looks like a modest amount compared to the overall scope of a transfer window, and when compared to the fees paid for some of the Gunners' top talent, it is a small number.
Transfer Windfall
On the other hand, Gabriel Martinelli carried a price tag that began at a little more than twice this amount. Therefore, it is possible that it could still be of some use in the direction of some investment this winter.
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