Arsenal Gabriel Jesus Could Be Off For The Rest Of World Cup, Reportedly

Gabriel Jesus is rumored to have suffered a knee injury throughout the course of the World Cup, which means that he will be unable to play in the remaining matches of the competition.
Because of discomfort in his right knee, the forward for Arsenal was forced to leave the field during the final game of the group stages of the World Cup, in which Brazil played against Cameroon and ultimately lost by a score of 1-0. Recent reports coming out of Brazil indicate that the athlete, who is 25 years old, would be out for three to four weeks owing to an ailment that was identified during scans. The issue was discovered in the player's knee. Gabriel Jesus may be absent from the World Cup

Gabriel Jesus Caught A Knee Injury

Arsenal Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Jesus Caught A Knee Injury
According to the same reports, Jesus had been in pain during a few of Arsenal's matches as they opened up a five-point lead at the top of the Premier League before the break for the World Cup.
This occurred at around the time that Arsenal opened up their lead. Assuming that the claims are true, this would imply that Jesus would be unavailable for the Gunners' first game back against West Ham, which was due to take place at the Emirates Stadium on Boxing Day. Jesus' absence would have been a major blow to the Gunners' chances of winning the game. Despite this, there is continued hope that he can make it back by the beginning of January.
The fact that Jesus won't be playing for Arsenal at all, regardless of how little time he winds up missing, is a big setback for the team. The Brazilian striker has been an integral part of Mikel Arteta's team ever since he joined Arteta's club in January after moving there from Manchester City. During his time with Arteta's club, the striker has contributed five goals and six assists to the team's total.

What Arteta Said

Arsenal Gabriel Jesus
Arteta made the following observation about a player who was 25 years old in August: "We now have a new confidence, a spark, and that winning mindset that he possesses." The rest of the team benefits from his tremendous energy and high standards, which he generously shares with them while also giving every play his best effort."
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