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  2. What Do We Know About Ariel Miramontes's Early Life
  3. Ariel Miramontes’ Height And Weight?
  4. What Is Ariel Miramontes's Net Worth?
  5. Ariel Miramontes's Career As An Actor
  6. Ariel Miramontes's Dating Life: Does He Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

Meet The Beloved Mexican Actor Ariel Miramontes: Get To Know His Height, Real Name, Wife

If you had the chance to watch the Mexican show Albertano contra los mostros, you would be more likely than not be impressed by Albertano Santa Cruz’s role as the titular character. Want to know more about Ariel Miramontes? Read on.


Ariel Miramontes's Brief Bio

Ariel Miramontes's Brief Bio Source: Google Images

Little is known to the U.S. residents about this mysterious Mexican guy. He only became famous in the States after participating in the Mexican show Albertano contra los mostros as the titular character. So if you wonder what is Albertano Santa Cruz’s real name, you have the answer now.

The show runs from 3 April 2022 and currently has 13 episodes under its belt. Apart from the show, Ariel Miramontes appeared in several other Mexican shows and Movies but is mostly popular among Mexicans. Little do you know, he can sing and draw pretty well too!

Ariel Miramontes basic information Source: Google Images

The show runs from 3 April 2022 and currently has 13 episodes under its belt. Apart from the show, Ariel Miramontes appeared in several other Mexican shows and movies but is mostly popular among Mexicans. Little do you know, he can sing and draw pretty well too!

Here’s some basic information about the guy in case you’re into this guy:

  • Name: Ariel Miramontes
  • Nickname: Ariel
  • Age: 52 years old
  • Birthday: 31 July 1970
  • Profession: Actor, performance artist, singer
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Religion Christian
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Birthplace: Mexico
  • Hometown: Mexico
  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Weight: Unsure
  • Eye Colour: Black
  • Hair Colour: Black


What Do We Know About Ariel Miramontes's Early Life

Ariel Miramontes early life Source: Google Images

According to Mexican news outlets, Ariel Miramontes Flores grew up as a happy yet somewhat solitary child who found immense joy in spending hours drawing, a passion he continues to pursue today. Drawing nurtured his imagination, cultivating his affection for the arts. 

Later, during a trip to Veracruz, a life-altering moment occurred when he heard a guitarist playing a joyful tune alongside a song. The magical blend of music struck Ariel, revealing its power to evoke diverse emotions. This encounter ignited his desire to artistically express his inner feelings. 

This prompted his initial step into the artistic world through singing. Engaging in two musical projects, Ariel met Maya Karunna in the group Amigo, who would become a cherished confidante. However, musical pursuits did not provide sufficient livelihood, but his passion for music persisted, leading him to eventually release songs under the pseudonym Albertano.

At 17, Ariel Miramontes starred in "El Soñador Navegante," a pivotal moment that steered his life and destiny. Attending the theater for the first time to watch "Anita, la Huerfanita," Ariel was enchanted by the magic of the stage, the lighting, the set design, and the ambiance igniting his passion for acting. 


Ariel Miramontes’ Height And Weight?

Ariel Miramontes height Source: Google Images

He stands tall at about 6 feet 1 inch. His weight is currently unknown.


What Is Ariel Miramontes's Net Worth?

As a multifaceted artist, his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million.


Ariel Miramontes's Career As An Actor

Ariel Miramontes young Source: Google Images

Before becoming a successful Mexican actor, he also struggled between expectations and reality.

Early On

Despite his deep love for acting, his family initially disagreed with his career choice, prompting him to study Communications. However, he enrolled in the Bachelor's program at Mexico National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), driven by his enduring passion. 

Ariel's determination led him through rigorous admissions and rigorous training at the National Institute of Fine Arts, where only a few persevered, shaping him as an actor.

Subsequently, Ariel Miramontes joined Televisa's Artistic Training Center, gaining valuable experience before leaping into professional theater productions such as "El Soñador Navegante" and "Al Pie de la Letra." Albertano’s actor performances garnered acclaim, earning him the Male Revelation Award from the Mexican Association of Theater Critics. 


During his theater studies, he discovered the depth of emotional involvement required for acting. While facing challenges securing significant roles in TV and film, he even ventured into puppetry, crafting and manipulating puppets. His puppetry skills are evident in Lu's music video for "Por Besarte."

Ariel's determination remained unshaken, driven by his unwavering belief that happiness stems from pursuing one's passions. Guided by this philosophy, Ariel's acting career veered toward comedy, partly influenced by his friend Mara Escalante. 

Ariel Miramontes success Source: Google Image

On The Way To Success

Collaborating on a show at Bar Miau, they refined their humorist talents. Subsequently, Mara introduced Ariel to TV programs like "Humor es... los comediantes" and "Al fin de semana," where she regularly appeared. Together, they created a comedic segment and developed the prototype for the character "Lauro," a precursor to Albertano. Their partnership extended to the cabaret show "La Pulga Caliente," which enjoyed success in Mexico City.

Ariel's big break came with the competition "Hazme Reír y serás Millonario." Collaborating with Mara as his coach and Yurem Rojas, a "celebrity," he showcased his talent while portraying characters like Lauro and Doña Bonita. 


Although he didn't win, his performance garnered acclaim and recognition. Mara's character Doña Lucha and Ariel's roles showcased their chemistry, setting the stage for their future collaborations. Through perseverance and collaboration, Ariel Miramontes found his way to the heart of the Entertainment industry, proving that true passion can lead to remarkable success.

The first appearance of Albertano in "María de todos los Ángeles" came as a turning point. It all began with a cinematic project envisioned by Mara Escalante, which gradually evolved into the series "María de todos los Ángeles." Mara initially aimed to create a comedy film, but no local production company showed interest. 

Ariel Miramontes albertano

Albertano's Unexpected Turn

With Ariel Miramontes and other friends, they adapted Mara's idea into a comedy series and pitched it to Televisa. This project transformed into "Maria de todos los Ángeles." The producer André Barren's team guided Mara and Ariel in the sitcom Secrets, with José Luis Guarneros later joining the creative effort. 

Despite initial skepticism and a brief hiatus, the series became a hit, propelling Ariel's character, Albertano, into remarkable popularity.

From then on, Albertano appeared in numerous projects—releasing songs, hosting shows on Bandamax, starring in plays, commercials, judging reality shows, and leading his series, occasionally separate from Doña Lucha. 

Unlike some actors who aim for diverse roles to avoid typecasting, Ariel finds joy in Albertano. He states, "In theater school, I did a lot of classical theater, but I always wanted to portray an endearing character. I admired the great comedians of the golden cinema era, especially India María. I loved her character, couldn't believe an actress was behind it. That's what I aim for with Albertano."


Ariel Miramontes's Dating Life: Does He Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

Ariel Miramontes wife Source: Google Images

Ariel Miramontes is often seen with actress Alma Cero, with whom, on multiple occasions, he has come to trust that he fell in love because he saw him as his "platonic love" for the great talent that projected in his work:

"I liked him because look, his features are very pretty," she joked. "He is charming and besides, I fell in love with talent, so I always saw him so talented that he was my platonic love for many years," she explained.

It's a pity that their relationship is only platonic rather than romantic. To conculde, we believe that Ariel is still single.

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