Are Rafael Silva and Ronen Rubinstein Gay? 9-1-1: Lone Star Couple

9-1-1: Lone Star has been praised for allowing the couple to be unapologetically queer and for not shying away from passionate love scenes. The American actor plays Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand in Ryan Murphy’s new emergency drama and has become one of the show’s breakout characters thanks to his relationship with police officer Carlos Reyes. Are Ronen Rubinstein and Rafael Silva gay in real life?

#1. Ronen Rubinstein has officially come out as a bisexual

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Ronen Rubinstein was anxious for his family and friends back in his native Staten Island to watch the second episode of “9-1-1: Lone Star.” He told them he was playing Rob Lowe’s gay son on the Fox procedural, but he wasn’t sure what they’d think of the very steamy encounter between his character, T.K. Strand, and his future police officer boyfriend Carlos Reyes, played by openly gay actor Rafael L. Silva.
“Carlos and I have a huge make-out scene where we, like, burst through the door, and we’re ripping our clothes off,” Rubinstein says. “It’s super hot and it just goes on. It just doesn’t stop. We’re, like, crashing against the walls, and then we end up on the couch. I warned my parents and my friends for months. I said, ‘Listen, I understand if you guys don’t want to watch it, I understand you probably might say some really ignorant, close-minded stuff or you just might not want to watch it and I get that too.’
In the end, it didn’t matter what they thought because T.K. and Carlos were a hit. As soon as clips of the scene were released, fans of the drama series, produced by Ryan Murphy, crowned the couple “Tarlos.”

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As much as the series is fiction, there was something very real happening for Rubinstein. The 27-year-old actor found himself coming to terms with and accepting feelings that he had suppressed for as long as he can remember.
“I fully identify as bisexual,” Rubinstein says in an exclusive interview over Zoom from his Los Angeles area home. “I literally just got goosebumps saying that. It feels so good to talk about it; it feels so good to finally be comfortable with it.” Rubinstein called his awakening “a journey” that was enabled by his work as an actor.
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#2. Is Rafael Silva Gay in real life? Is Rafael Silva married?

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In the movie, Rafael Silva plays Carlos Reyes, who has a romantic relationship with a police officer Tyler Kennedy “TK”. Rafael L. Silva is the Brazilian-American actor we all know and love. He is the driving force behind Lone Star’s beloved police officer, Carlos Reyes, and it’s safe to say his character has amassed a devout following. Fans of the actor want to know more about Rafael L. Silva, including whether he identifies as gay, as his character does. 
While some sites have speculated that Rafael Silva has a husband, there are no reports that confirm the 9-1-1: Lone Star actor’s marital status or sexuality, but he did give an intimate shoutout to the LGBTQIA+ community in a recent Valentine’s Day post. 

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He captioned a photo, “Happy Valentine’s Day to all LGBTQIA+ children who have not had the privilege of feeling Loved. Many of us don’t have the luxury of emotional support. Many of us have silenced our hearts because others criticized its melody.” 
Rafael ended the post with an inspiring message that encouraged fans to press on, even in the face of judgment. He continued, “Know this, You are not alone. You have never been and will NEVER be alone. Shine bright like the purest Diamond, because your Brilliance will one day be the Guiding Light to somebody else.”
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