Are Nigel And Amari Together? Next In Fashion Stars: Updated Information

The second season of Netflix‘s Next in Fashion has finally arrived on the streaming platform, introducing viewers to a brand-new set of aspiring fashion designers who are competing for a $200,000 cash prize and the opportunity to showcase their collection on the e-commerce fashion platform, Rent the Runway.
Many people wonder if Nigel Xavier and Amari Carter from Next in Fashion Season 2 are dating in real life as they were continuously flirting with each other when they were teamed up to perform in Challenge 5, Collaboration. However, it’s unclear where their relationship stands now. Meanwhile, some Reddit users even believe their connection lasted until they were in the Netflix show. Well, here is everything you need to know.

#1. Who is Amari Carter?

Who is Amari Carter?Source: Distractify

Amari Carter, one of the cast members of Netflix's Next in Fashion season 2, is an Atlanta-based designer whose work often features monochromatic, minimalist designs with lingerie detailing, which highlights the balance between sensuality and strength. Additionally, the rumor about the show cast dating the winner of the show, Nigel Xavier, has yet to be confirmed. Follow to know more about Amari with her Instagram handle (@napsnlollipops).
Amari Carter From Next in Fashion Season 2: The Atlanta-Based Designer Is Renowned for Her Monochromatic, Minimalist Designs With Lingerie Detailing, Which Highlights the Balance Between Sensuality and Strength!
Amari Carter (@napsnlollipops) grew up in a close-knit neighborhood outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and has always seen fashion as a way to express oneself. The London College of Fashion alumna wants to use her fashion to honor the women in her life and to provide a sense of identity and voice through her designs that tell a story. The Netflix Next in Fashion season 2 cast now works at New York & Company as an Associate Designer for the WTW and Gabrielle Union Collections.

Who is Amari Carter?Source: ABC News

Her brother and parents, including her mother, Latonya Carter, are close to the reality TV star. Amari shared the news of her grandmother's death in October 2022, who inspired her granddaughter to pursue a career in fashion. She wrote on Instagram, "I will miss you so much, heaven is so lucky to have you. Thank you for blessing me with the gift to sew and create. I just wanted you to be proud of me! I’m so upset that you’re not able to see me succeed in something that you taught me".
The reality TV star is also a budding designer, having been featured in Kolor Magazine as one of three Black Designers who showcased their AW19 collections at LFW's designer showrooms. Amari also owns Yor Atelier, which provides experimental design resources with a focus on futuristic taste. Nonetheless, the talented designer is very private about her personal life and has not revealed any details about her relationships. Nonetheless, we wish Amari the best and hope to see her dominate the fashion industry in the coming years.
Amari showed to the judges from the start that she was much more than she projected and had the potential to win it. For the first challenge, Royalty, she designed a stunning rhinestone bralette that she paired with an expensive royal jacket and a rhinestone-lined skirt in a soft pink color. Although the bralette impressed the judges, the skirt was reportedly too much.

Who is Amari Carter?Source: The US sun

It wasn't until the fifth episode that Amari showed the audience that she was capable of making it to the semi-finals. Despite being on the winning team for the Episode 2 challenge with Megan, Godoy, James, and Bao, she felt her ideas were not being heard and was intimidated by the other designers. Nonetheless, after winning Challenge 5, dubbed the Collaboration, alongside Season 2's eventual winner, Nigel Xavier, Amari's confidence grew, and she believed she was on the show for a reason.
However, it wasn't until Episode 7, after being chosen by Desyrée Nicole for the Swimsuit Challenge, that Amari began to believe in her original designs. Unfortunately, she was eliminated from the Transformation Challenge in episode 9 due to the incorrect fabric choice, which could not have been concealed better for the "wow effect" in transformation.
Additionally, some reports even claim that Amari and Nigel might be dating. However, it has not been proven yet. We'll surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about their relationship.

#2. Are Nigel And Amari Together? Are they Dating in Real Life?

Nigel next in fashion Source: Deadline

Nigel Xavier and Amari Carter Have Yet to Confirm Whether They Are Dating or Not in Real Life! It seems many observed Nigel Xavier (@nigelxavier_) and Amari Carter‘s connection in the 5th challenge of Next in Fashion where they were teamed up with each and performed a task. As a result, some viewers began wondering if their connection remained after the show and are dating in real life. However, it does not seem to be the case, Neither Nigel nor Amari has hinted anything about their rumored relationship.
In Challenge 5 titled Collaboration, Nigel and Amari (@napsnlollipops) teamed up to design an outfit. The couple created two great looks combining denim and fringes that impressed the judges and both of them were able to move to the next challenge. On the other hand, viewers claim that the design was all done by Nigel and it seemed like he really wanted to help Amari as well.
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Are Nigel and Amari Together

We could see they were flirting really flirting when they were working together. Amari even told that they were best friends. Reddit users took the platform and discussed their connection. Meanwhile, one fan even tweeted,
You might now have an idea why people believe they might be in a relationship after the show. As mentioned earlier, we don’t really think it’s true. It seems their connection lasted until Amari was eliminated in the next challenge.
Additionally, they also do not seem to have any other partner as of this writing. We promise we’ll get back to you as soon as we get any information from our sources. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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