Are Matt And Frannie Survivor 44 Still Together? Updated News

Are Matt and Frannie Survivor 44 still together? What happened between them? Fans of the television show Survivor have been discussing the #Frankinship coupling of members of the Soka tribe Matt Blankinship and Frannie Marin, since the show's launch on March 1, 2023. As soon as it was confirmed that Season 44 would air, people immediately began speculating that it would have a romantic subplot.

What Happened Between Matt And Frannie Survivor 44?

Are Matt And Frannie Survivor 44 Still Together Source: Survivor 44
Matt And Frannie were spot on, as Survivor 44 presenter Jeff Probst later verified the on-screen relationship between the two contestants. In the following paragraphs, you will learn Jeff's opinion on Frannie and Matt's relationship and whether or not he believes that the two are still together. When the first episode of Survivor 44 aired on March 1, CBS wasted no time hyping the potential showmance between two contestants.
Research coordinator Frannie, who is 23 years old and hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts, caught the attention of software engineer Matt, who is 27 years old and is from San Francisco, California. Even though the two come from opposing sides of the country, they hit it off almost immediately after landing in Fiji, where Survivor 44 was filmed. Even the title of the second episode of the season, "Two Dorky Magnets," a phrase from the sit-out queen Claire Rafson, refers to the on-screen relationship between Frannie and Matt.


Recent events have sparked a lively discussion over the question of whether or not Frannie and Matt are still together. Their love grows more profound as the season progresses. By the time we got to the fifth episode, it was clear that they both had a lot of feelings for one another. Showdowns are not very often on Survivor since there is a strong emphasis on targeting dominant duos. Although they go to such lengths to keep their relationship a secret, #Frankinship enjoys the covert backing of all of us here at home.

Are Matt And Frannie Survivor 44 Still Together?

Are Matt And Frannie Survivor 44 Still Together Are Matt And Frannie Survivor 44 Still Together?
While Matt hasn't been subtle about his fondness for Frannie or his major breakup before Survivor, Frannie looks to be coming out of the closet with her genuine feelings for Matt for the first time in this episode. This might be because Matt has supported her throughout the game.
She admits, "I don't have a crush on Matt." She and Matt have plans to have Ethiopian food when the game is over, and they are both open to whatever may come of their interaction. It is a break from the typical talking-head format of Survivor in that the producer tells her, "I see you flushing a little bit! Matt's somebody I would date in real life, and if it comes to that once this game is completed, then I would be as delighted as punch." when she laughs.
As Survivor does not have a Reality Steve in the same vein as The Bachelor, who can tell whether or not a pair continues to be together, we will never find out if Frannie and Matt are still together. If this is the case, there is even more motivation to get together after the game.
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