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  1. Who is Joelle Garguilo?
  2. Who is Michael Gargiulo?

Are Joelle Garguilo and Michael Gargiulo Related?

When people ask: "Are Joelle Garguilo and Michael Gargiulo Related?", from what we know, it's still unclear. There's nothing here that outright confirms or denies a family tie between Joelle Garguilo and Michael Gargiulo. Both have become well-known in the broadcasting world, though their paths and achievements differ.

Key Takeaways

  • It's still a mystery whether Joelle Garguilo and Michael Gargiulo are related; there's no clear info to say yes or no.
  • Joelle Garguilo shines at WABC New York with her knack for telling engaging stories, covering the Entertainment beat with passion and creativity.
  • Michael Gargiulo stands out at WNBC for his deep dives into big news stories, earning accolades for his work both in the field and in the studio.

Joelle Garguilo recently joined WABC New York as an entertainment reporter, bringing her vast experience and passion for entertainment and lifestyle reporting to new viewers. Her work history includes time on WNBC’s ‘New York Live’ and ‘Today with Hoda & Jenna’, showing her adaptability and commitment to her craft.

Michael Gargiulo is a seasoned news anchor at WNBC, known for his thorough coverage of big events and insightful reporting. His career has led him from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq to the anchor desk in New York, showing his dedication to delivering news with integrity.


Who is Joelle Garguilo?

Joelle Garguilo now works as an entertainment reporter at WABC New York, known for her enthusiasm, skill, and love for entertainment and lifestyle journalism. Before WABC, she contributed to WNBC’s ‘New York Live’ and appeared on ‘Today with Hoda & Jenna,’ hosting engaging segments.

Her broadcasting journey began at NBC News Mobile, where she developed her writing, producing, editing, and anchoring skills. Garguilo launched and hosted “POPStart” on the weekend Today show and introduced “Orange Room.” She’s credited with creating “POPStart Extra” for, showing her adaptability and creativity in digital content.

Garguilo’s passion for storytelling takes her beyond usual entertainment news. She co-hosted live pre-show specials for the Golden Globe Awards and the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary, showing she’s a flexible reporter capable of covering high-profile events with depth.

Her move to WABC is the latest chapter in her career, where she continues to follow her passion for entertainment reporting. Marilu Galvez, president and general manager of WABC, praised Garguilo for her storytelling approach, highlighting her charm as an interviewer and her connection with viewers.

Joelle Garguilo’s career reflects her dedication to entertainment journalism, featuring significant interviews with celebrities and covering major entertainment events.


Who is Michael Gargiulo?

Michael Louis Gargiulo, a key television news anchor at WNBC (News 4 New York), co-anchors "Today in New York" with Darlene Rodriguez. His reporting assignments have taken him globally, joining US military units in conflict zones like Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and the Persian Gulf, reporting on critical international issues diligently.

Gargiulo’s education includes a bachelor's degree in history from New York University, with language studies in Italian, French, Russian, and German. His early career included hosting PM Magazine in Charleston, West Virginia, before moving to various reporting and anchoring roles across the U.S.

Since joining WNBC in July 2006, he has covered significant events like Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the U.S. and major natural disasters, showing his range and depth as a journalist. Gargiulo has earned multiple Emmy Awards for his reporting, highlighting his contributions to journalism and his ability to inform the public on important issues.

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