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  1. #1. Andre Maddox General Hospital & The Help For Anna

Andre Maddox General Hospital Helping Anna In The Latest Episode

Searching for Andre Maddox General Hospital in the latest episode? Valentin and Anna can locate Dr. Andre Maddox in the Netherlands, where they encounter him (You're still looking rather dapper, Andre!). After a heated exchange between Valentin and Andre, Anna calms them down by explaining that she needs both of their assistance to defeat Victor.
Anna is under the impression that Andre is aware of the location of the operation's headquarters when he describes the circumstances under which he was compelled to collaborate with the Cassadines. Andre claims that every time he was taken there, he was tricked into believing something untrue. Anna reveals to him what took place with Lucy and that they operate independently of the WSB.
Even though Andre doesn't think Anna can trust Valentin, Anna insists that she does trust both of them. After Andre leaves, Valentin is unsure whether or not they can believe the information Andre provided.

#1. Andre Maddox General Hospital & The Help For Anna

Andre Maddox General Hospital Source: General Hospital
When Liesl came to the door, Britt was packing her belongings, but she had to conceal the evidence. Liesl is eager to lend a hand to her friend Britt as she gets ready for the birthday celebration that will be held on New Year's Eve. She finds the luggage, but Britt insists that she will leave after the party to go on vacation. Liesl fills Britt in on how she spilled the beans to Nina and how Sonny was informed of her condition. After being offended, Britt eventually realizes how hard her diagnosis has been for her mother. Britt expresses to Liesl how incredibly honored she is to call her mother her own. Liesl has guaranteed that she will be at Britt's side no matter what.
Tomorrow, Victor would want to have breakfast with the whole family, but Spencer has little interest in spending time with his father. Spencer brings up Liz, pointing out that Nikolas took advantage of her weakness and vulnerability. He has high expectations that Liz will sever her links with Nikolas, but Victor assures him that this won't occur.
Victor rips Nikolas to shreds for severing ties with Spencer and tells him that a new baby can never be a suitable substitute for Spencer. Nikolas is taken aback by the fact that Victor is aware but then explains that Liz, unfortunately, lost the pregnancy. Because of what he did with Ava, Victor advises Nikolas not to confide in Liz regarding any family secrets.


Andre Maddox General Hospital
Esme is worried about Demetrius's fear that she isn't eating, so she checks on him and asks if he would want to join her for supper. He argues that it wouldn't be fair, but she goes on and on about how lonely she is, especially considering that it's the last night of the year. Ava is curious about the photo shown in The Invader and inquires about Trina's views toward Spencer. Trina claims that she cannot tell Spencer about her thoughts and move forward with her life until the perpetrator of the crime is located. As Spencer approaches, she declares that she will act in a manner consistent with morality.
Ava is given some privacy from Spencer, and during that time, Spencer apologizes for picking on her and putting her through such a difficult time. He lets Ava know that he's going to bring Trina to Britt's party, and she cautions him to behave appropriately around her friend. The plan that Spencer and Trina have devised to get Esme out of the house involves the two of them going to Britt's party together. Trina is allowed to escape but rejects it and states she is prepared to continue working with him.


Andre Maddox General Hospital
Cyrus understands that Laura was previously aware of the situation and that Eileen is being used against Victor. He is concerned that others would assume that Laura is the one who helped get Spencer out of the house earlier. Cyr reveals to her that Victor meddled in his family's affairs and that he will not forgive Victor for doing so.
He asserts that he wants to keep his family safe and that they are more powerful when they work together. Since Laura is not interested, Cyrus suggests that Victor should make reparations for Luke's passing. Laura views it as retribution, even though he is bringing her justice. Laura claims that Cyrus is attempting to get rid of Victor and is using her as an excuse. He assures her that he will be there for her whenever she may want his assistance.
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