All About Kortni Gilson in Floribama Shore: Where Is She Now? Updated

Floribama Shore is an American reality television series that premiered on MTV on 27th November 2017 as a successor to Jersey Shore. Some audiences who follow the Floribama Shore show cast have been searching for Kortni Gilson. Where is she now? Kortni Gilson was a fun party girl on Floribama Shore, but there were intense things going on behind the scenes. Here is what we know about her.

#1. Who is Kortni Gilson from Floribama Shore?

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Kortni Gilson is almost a native of Panama City Beach, where the first season of Floribama Shore is filmed. This is because she moved there with her family when she was three. As a result of loving the area, she never left, taking jobs in and around her hometown.
One of the jobs that Gilson took was as a bartender at Coyote Ugly. A job that made her a local celebrity of sorts. When not bartending, the brunette beauty modeled for Me Clothing Line. As such, applying for a job as the talent on a reality TV Show was something that was right in Gilson's wheelhouse.
Her knowledge of the area as a local in conjunction with Gilson's personality, made her a perfect choice for Floribama Shore. And overnight, Gilson would go from being recognized locally to being recognized nationally as a result of her exposure to the show.

#2. Kortni Gilson after leaving Floribama Shore

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The two-hour premiere of the show attracted a large audience. Fans witnessed poor choices being made, the possibility of scandals developing, roommates showing interest in one another, and drinking during that time. Drinking in abundance. In essence, Floribama Shore was testing the waters to see if it could compete with reality TV in general as well as other reality shows on the network. And for four seasons, it seemed like MTV had another successful reality show. Fans and cast members were therefore baffled by the news when the network decided to cancel the show, especially since cameras were following cast members to gather footage for Season 5.
Over the course of those seasons, however, fans learned about and followed the lives of cast members Kirk Medas, Gus Smyrnios, Candice Rice, Jeremiah Buoni, Nilsa Prowant, Codi Butts, and Aimee Hall. Kortni Gilson was also part of this group, but she left the show mid-way through Season 3 very abruptly.

#3. Why Did Kortni Gilson Leave Floribama Shore?

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Gilson became an instant fan favorite on Floribama Shore. The reality star made for great television viewing, thanks to her hilarious comments and poor decisions made when a little too inebriated.
But not everything is as it seems. And while Gilson was mostly all smiles and laughter (with a dash of rage here and there), there was pain bubbling beneath the surface. After a night of drinking and taking prescription medication, the pain became unbearable. What viewers saw was that Gilson was having a breakdown in the back of a cab headed back to the shore house. But, the breakdown got "so intense" that the cameras stopped rolling.

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The next thing viewers knew, Gilson said that she was going to leave the show to work on her mental health. It was not revealed until a later date that the breakdown came from memories that Gilson had of a sexual assault that occurred when she was a teenager.
"When the cameras shut off, I was screaming about all of the sexual assault that happened to me," Gilson explained to Dr. Drew. "I couldn’t tell anybody about it. These were guys that I knew, that I thought I was friends with, which was why I felt so stupid to trust somebody."
Fans thought that Gilson would return for Season 4. However, she made the decision to work on herself rather than return to Floribama Shore. And because of this, Season 3 marked the last time viewers would see Gilson on the small screen.

#4. Kortni Gilson Now: Supporting For Mental Health 

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Gilson has not only gotten sober since leaving Floribama Shore, but has also become an advocate for mental health. Gilson's mental health journey has included her sharing things about herself on social media that would be frightening for anyone to admit. Instagram is her preferred platform most of the time.
From suffering from an eating disorder and deciding to heal herself and her body to her battle with suicide, speaking out against perceived perfection on social media, how working out has helped her mental health, discovering what truly makes her happy, how to always keep improving, and, of course, her journey to living life sober.

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Gilson has been able to use her platform to promote products that are in line with her healthy lifestyle as a result of her uplifting social media sites. As a result, not only does she earn money by sharing information about healthy products, but she also believes in them because they are products that Gilson already uses.
Whether this becomes a career path or just a hobby has not been announced. But if nothing else, Gilson is showing that it is important to continue to grow and be educated to be the best version of yourself possible. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about trending news.
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