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  1. Why Is Alisyn Camerota Leaving CNN’s Primetime Show?
  2. Where Is Alisyn Camerota Today?
  3. What Is Alisyn Camerota's Net Worth?
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The Truth Revealed: Why Is Alisyn Camerota Leaving CNN’s Primetime Show?

Alisyn Camerota, a prominent broadcast journalist and political commentator, boasts a career spanning Fox News and CNN. Over her 6-year tenure on CNN, she tackled significant stories and interviewed influential figures. Yet a precarious moment with CNN’s former network CEO cost her her primetime 10 p.m. hosting position with the network, and we haven’t heard from her since! 

So, Why Is Alisyn Camerota Leaving CNN? Seek the truth behind these rumors and discover answers to your inquiries about her here.


Why Is Alisyn Camerota Leaving CNN’s Primetime Show?

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So, is Alisyn Camerota leaving CNN's 10 p.m. primetime show? Well, not really. Or rather, she didn’t leave by choice. From 2022 to 2023, Alisyn Camerota took on the role of hosting CNN Tonight. However, she was recently (and unceremoniously) fired from her primetime hosting position following a precarious situation where she was seen holding hands with the network's former CEO, Jeff Zucker, while still married to her husband, Tim Lewis. As of now, she has yet to announce her next career move, or whether she is leaving CNN.

Alisyn Camerota co-anchored CNN's flagship morning show, New Day, from 2015 to 2021. Having spent 16 years at Fox News, she joined New Day as a host alongside Chris Cuomo, who was later succeeded by John Berman in 2020.

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In April 2021, Camerota decided to depart from New Day, explaining her desire for new challenges. Although she cherished her time on the show, she expressed her intention to allocate more time to her family and pursue diverse ventures like book writing and podcasting.

"I’ve always admired the fine work of the journalists at CNN and I’m honored to join their ranks. But after six years of waking up at 3 a.m., I’m ready for a new challenge and a new schedule. I’m excited to pursue diverse ventures like book writing and podcasting, and to spend more time with my family," Camerota elaborated on her decision to leave News Day.


Where Is Alisyn Camerota Today?

Following her departure from New Day in 2016, Alisyn Camerota transitioned to a new role at CNN, joining Victor Blackwell for weekday afternoon coverage. 

"I’m thrilled to join Victor Blackwell in the afternoons. [...] I’m looking forward to bringing the same energy and humor that I had on New Day to our new show," Camerota said upon assuming her role in the afternoon news.

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In October 2021, Camerota introduced her podcast, "We Have Issues" The podcast engages celebrities, authors, comedians, and experts in conversations spanning politics, culture, health, and relationships. Through the podcast, Camerota seeks to explore diverse viewpoints with respected individuals, aiming to entertain and stimulate thought in her listeners.

“I’ve always loved talking to people and learning from them. That’s what inspired me to start my podcast, ‘We Have Issues.’ [...] Through the podcast, I seek to entertain and provoke thought in my listeners and to challenge myself and my guests to see things from different angles."


What Is Alisyn Camerota's Net Worth?

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Alisyn Camerota boasts a thriving career spanning over twenty years in broadcast journalism. With tenures at major networks like Fox News and CNN, she's gained renown as a reputable and adept reporter and anchor. As of 2021, Alisyn Camerota’s net worth is estimated to range between $7 million and $10 million. Her CNN annual salary is reported to hover around $2 million.

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Beyond her CNN role, Camerota is engaged in various non-journalistic ventures. Her 2017 novel, "Amanda Wakes Up," follows an idealistic journalist navigating a tumultuous presidential race on a cable news channel. 

Inspired by her media experiences with the challenges and dilemmas of journalism in the era of fake news, social media, and political polarization, the novel was acclaimed and named one of NPR's best books of the year. Camerota is currently crafting a sequel set for a 2022 release.



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While she has been keeping a relatively low profile since her scandal with the network's former CEO, Jeff Zucker, Alisyn Camerota is nowhere near done! 

With a 25-year career, Alisyn Camerota stands as a prominent and esteemed figure in American journalism. She gained prominence as a co-anchor on CNN's New Day, covering breaking news and interviewing influential individuals. 

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