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  1. Who Is Alfie Harrison?
  2. Alfie Harrison Wiki: Sports career of Alfie Harrison
  3. Alfie Harrison wikipedia: Net Worth & Earnings
  4. Alfie Harrison Wiki: Personal Life
  5. Impact at Newcastle United and Future

Alfie Harrison Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Career, And Personal Life

Alfie Harrison, an 18-year-old midfield maestro, has been making headlines in the U18 Premier League. Born on November 28, 2005, in Manchester, England, he's a rising star in football. Harrison recently transitioned from Manchester City's Academy to Newcastle United, a move that speaks volumes about his potential.

Off the pitch, Harrison's personal life is just as intriguing. He grew up in a football-loving family, with a younger brother, Charlie, playing for Manchester City’s U16 team, and a sister, Ellie, who is into dancing and modelling. Active on Instagram, he has more than 26k followers on Instagram.

Key Takeaways

  • At just 18, Alfie Harrison has made a splash in football, moving from Manchester City to Newcastle United, showcasing his skill across midfield positions with an eye-catching start at his new club.
  • Alfie's financial game is strong too, with a net worth hitting £1 million from his football salary and deals, hinting at even bigger paydays ahead as he climbs the ranks.
  • Off the field, Alfie keeps it real, sharing bits of his life and family on social media, striking a cool balance between his growing fame and keeping some things just for himself.

Who Is Alfie Harrison?

Alfie Harrison Wiki Source: Collected

Alfie Harrison is not just a football player; he's a symbol of youthful ambition and talent. Born and raised in Manchester, he embodies the spirit of the city known for its rich football history. Harrison's journey began at a tender age of nine when he joined Manchester City’s Academy, laying the foundation for his future in football.

His dedication to the sport is evident in his rapid rise through the ranks. By 16, he had already signed his first professional contract with Manchester City. Known for his versatility, Harrison excels as a central midfielder and can adeptly play as an attacking midfielder or winger.

This adaptability has made him a valuable asset to his teams. Harrison's journey reflects a blend of natural talent and sheer hard work, marking him as a standout figure among his peers.


Alfie Harrison Wiki: Sports career of Alfie Harrison

Alfie Harrison's career trajectory is a testament to his dedication and skill. His football journey kicked off at Manchester City's youth academy in 2013. There, he honed his skills for almost a decade, an experience that was instrumental in shaping his playstyle and approach to the game.

At the Manchester City Youth and U18 teams, Harrison made a significant impact, contributing to a total transfer fee of 1 million when he switched to Newcastle United U18. This move in January 2024 marked a new chapter in his career.

At Newcastle United, he continued to demonstrate his prowess, scoring eight goals and providing four assists in just eight appearances. His goal participation rate, standing at 67%, underlines his crucial role in the team. Harrison's primary position is central midfield, but his versatility allows him to excel as an attacking midfielder. This adaptability adds depth to his gameplay and makes him a valuable asset for Newcastle United U18.

His long-term commitment to his development within the team showcases his dedication to the sport. Representing England at various youth levels, Harrison has been praised by coaches and players alike, including Pep Guardiola, who tipped him for a senior debut. His career, marked by his versatility and achievements in youth leagues and international competitions, positions him as a notable young talent in the football world.


Alfie Harrison wikipedia: Net Worth & Earnings

Alfie Harrison's net worth, as of 2024, is estimated to be around £1 million. This figure reflects not only his salary from playing for Manchester City but also includes earnings from various endorsements and sponsorships. Harrison's financial status is a testament to his growing influence in the world of football, showcasing the potential for even greater financial success as his career progresses.

Beyond his earnings, Harrison's transfer to Newcastle United represents a significant step in his career. The move, which involved a transfer fee that could rise to £3.5 million, underscores the high value placed on his skills and potential. This transition not only boosts his professional profile but also his marketability, opening up further opportunities for sponsorships and endorsements.

Harrison's journey from a promising talent at Manchester City's Academy to a key player for Newcastle United highlights his escalating career trajectory. Despite his young age, Alfie has already made a substantial impact, reflected in his net worth and the strategic investment made by Newcastle United. His ability to command such financial recognition speaks volumes about his talent, dedication, and the bright future that lies ahead in his football career.


Alfie Harrison Wiki: Personal Life

Born on November 28, 2005, in Manchester, England, Harrison's upbringing was steeped in football culture. His connection to the sport extends beyond his professional pursuits, touching on familial bonds and personal passions. Alfie comes from a family that shares his love for football, though their allegiances lie with different teams.

His father is a Sheffield United supporter, while his mother roots for Manchester City, showcasing a household divided by team loyalties but united by the game itself. Despite the spotlight on his career, Alfie has chosen to keep details about his parents and their ethnicity private, a decision that underscores his preference to separate his public persona from his personal life.

Harrison's family is not just supportive but also athletic, with his younger brother, Charlie, playing for Manchester City's U16 team. This familial involvement in football illustrates a shared passion that likely provided Alfie with both inspiration and competition from a young age. Additionally, his sister, Ellie, pursues her own creative path as a dancer and model, adding a diverse range of talents to the family dynamic.

Despite his rising fame, Alfie maintains a balance, showcasing his personality and interests without revealing too much, preserving a sense of normalcy amidst his growing celebrity. Alfie's personal life, while guarded, reflects a young man who values family, embraces his passions, and seeks to maintain a semblance of privacy in the public eye.

His journey from a football-loving kid in Manchester to a professional player for Newcastle United is not just a tale of sporting success but also a narrative of personal growth and family support.


Impact at Newcastle United and Future

Alfie Harrison's move to Newcastle United in January 2024 marked the beginning of a new chapter in his already promising career. Joining the club's Professional Development Phase, Alfie was set to play for the U23 team, a step that underscored his readiness to tackle greater challenges and harness his potential on a larger stage.

Immediate Impact

From the moment he donned the Newcastle United jersey, Harrison made it clear he was there to make a significant impact. His arrival was part of a strategic effort by the club to rejuvenate its squad with young, emerging talent capable of contributing to its long-term success.

Alfie's performance statistics since joining the team have been impressive, showcasing his ability to adapt quickly and make his presence felt. With an exceptional goal participation rate, he has proven to be a crucial player for the team, scoring and assisting in key matches.


Alfie's versatility on the field has allowed him to slot seamlessly into various positions, providing Newcastle United with tactical flexibility and depth. His technical skills, combined with a winning mindset, have added a new dimension to the team's midfield, enhancing their offensive and defensive capabilities.

The club's decision to sign Harrison reflects a commitment to investing in players who not only have the talent but also the passion and drive to succeed at the highest levels of football.

Future with Newcastle United

Looking ahead, Alfie Harrison's prospects at Newcastle United appear bright. His current contract, extending until 2026, provides him with a solid foundation to develop and refine his skills further. Under the guidance of experienced coaches and alongside talented teammates, Alfie has the opportunity to grow into a leading figure for the club. As he gains more experience and exposure in professional matches, his potential to influence games and contribute to the team's success will undoubtedly increase.

Potential for National Team Call-up

Alfie's performances at the club level have not gone unnoticed, with many anticipating his inclusion in the England national team's youth setups. His ability to perform consistently well positions him as a promising candidate for future call-ups, offering him a chance to represent his country on the international stage.

Such an opportunity would not only be a milestone in his career but also a testament to his hard work, talent, and the support he has received along his journey.

A Rising Star

Alfie Harrison's journey from a young talent at Manchester City to an impactful player at Newcastle United is a narrative of growth, resilience, and ambition. As he continues to carve out his path in professional football, the sports community watches with keen interest, recognizing in him the qualities of a rising star. With each game, Alfie not only builds on his legacy but also inspires the next generation of footballers to pursue their dreams with determination and passion.

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