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  1. Details About Kim Weitsman, Adam Weitsman's Wife
  2. How Old Kim Weitsman Is?
  3. What Is Kim Weitsman’s Job?
  4. What Is The Net Worth Of Kim Weitsman?
  5. Does Kim Weitsman Use Any Social Media Accounts
  6. How Many Kids Do Kim Weitsman And Her Husband Have?
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Who Is Kim Weitsman? Check Out Her Biography, Relationship And So Much More!

Kim Weitsman is the loving wife of Adam Weitsman, the founder and CEO of Upstate Shredding – Weitsman Recycling. Together with her husband, Kim, re-opened the historic Krebs restaurant. Beyond her role in the restaurant, she has actively supported local philanthropic causes, contributing both her personal funds and restaurant profits to benefit numerous regional nonprofit organizations.

In the post, we uncover the life of Kim Weitsman that many might not know. Let’s dig in. 


Details About Kim Weitsman, Adam Weitsman's Wife

The fateful encounter between Kim and Adam Weitsman was in the summer of 2000. Kim, the daughter of an executive of a department store near Owego, worked as a model in New York. 

Adam's friend, the gym owner in Binghamton, told him that a remarkable woman was coming to the club she required to meet. A meeting would ultimately set the stage for their extraordinary journey together.

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On the first date, Kim Weitsman was surprised when Adam asked if she wanted to meet him if he was in prison. She responded to his question by saying “What did you do?”, “You would do it again?”

In 2004, Weitman found himself in a legal web due to check kiting, ultimately paying a hefty $1 million fine and serving 8 months in prison.

After he regained his freedom, the couple got married in 2006 and a year later, they moved into Skaneateles, New York. After all, they live happily. 


How Old Kim Weitsman Is?

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She was born on Sep 17, 1976 in New York. As of 2023, she was 42 years, being 12 years younger than her husband, Adam Weisman. 


What Is Kim Weitsman’s Job?

In 2010, Kim Weitsman decided to purchase Kreds restaurant, which was established in 1899 and officially reopened in 2014, costing them about $4 million. Kim and Adam Weitsman are owners of The Kreds. They've also hired chef Austin Johnson, a star of the culinary world to overhaul the menu with exciting new flavors.

Adam Weitsman's wife willingly used her own money and restaurant's profits for local charity ($82.450) and 16 regional nonprofit organizations such as CNY Food Bank, American Red Cross, and so on. 5 years later, they continued to open a Mexican restaurant called Elephant and the Dove. The couple paid around $1.5 million for its construction and renovation. 


What Is The Net Worth Of Kim Weitsman?

As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be over $50 million. 


Does Kim Weitsman Use Any Social Media Accounts

As we know, Kim doesn’t own any social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter. 


How Many Kids Do Kim Weitsman And Her Husband Have?

How Many Kids Do Kim Weitsman And Her Husband Have? Source: Google Images

Kim Weitsman and her husband share 3 children: Clover, Monroe and Rae. 

Their oldest daughter Clover turned 14 in 2023. Adam and Clover are a lovely dad-daughter. The billionaire especially loves the daughter, and sees her as his best friend and greatest support. He said, “God was definitely taking care of me when he brought her into my life. I am very proud of you for being the most educated, kind and talented young woman you have ever been.”

Monroe and Rae, adorable twins, were born in 2017 and now, they are 6-year-old girls. Despite being twins, Monroe seemingly grew much faster than Rae. 


Where Does Kim Come From?

She comes from Owego, New York.


What Is Her Zodiac Sign?

Kim is a Virgo woman. The Zodiac symbols for independence and intelligence.


Does She Have Any Other Names?

Her maiden name is DeFrance.



Kim Weitsman is not only a devoted wife, and loving mother but also a highly talented and business-savvy woman. With a generous heart, she is always ready to use her personal finances for charitable causes. Kim is a true beacon of purity in life and an inspiration to wives worldwide.

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