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  1. Leo Keeps Breaking Netflix Records Left And Right
  2. What Is The Movie About?
  3. Leo Succeeds As It Displays Adam Sandler’s Versatility In Acting
  4. Why Leo Is A Better Animated Movie Than Wish

Adam Sandler’s Latest Movie Topples Wish, Breaks Another Netflix Record

For a movie made to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary, Wish simply doesn’t live up to the expectations fans have set for it. The unique animation style doesn’t sit well with fans, the plot is too predictable, and the references they make are simply too many. 
Besides, Wish is currently getting toppled by an animated movie that isn’t even released in theaters. That’s right, we’re talking about the Netflix exclusive show Leo, starring Adam Sandler as the main character. Coming out with little expectation, however, Leo quickly gains positive reactions from both critics and the audience, and breaks an all-time Netflix record. Let’s learn more about the movie in this article.

#1. Leo Keeps Breaking Netflix Records Left And Right

Leo Keeps Breaking Netflix Records Left And Right Source: Netflix
One month ago, if someone told me that an Adam Sandler movie is getting more positive reviews than a Disney title, I’d just simply laugh it off and think of it as a lame joke. But this is truly what happens with Leo and Wish. 
While the latter is struggling at the box office, Leo breaks the record for the biggest Netflix debut by an animated movie, with a whopping 34.6 million views in its first week. The film also reached 61 million hours viewed on November 26, 2023.

#2. What Is The Movie About?

What Is The Movie About? Source: Netflix
Leo’s impressive Netflix numbers are backed up with a solid Rotten Tomatoes score of 82% by critics and 93% by audience. The movie is widely praised for its slick animation, brilliant voice acting performances, and a variety of beautiful musical scores.
Leo tells the story of the titular tuatara, who has spent his whole life living in a fifth-grade classroom at an elementary school. Realizing his life expectancy is coming to an end, Leo wants to make his life meaningful by helping every student in the class with their everyday life.

#3. Leo Succeeds As It Displays Adam Sandler’s Versatility In Acting

Leo Succeeds As It Displays Adam Sandler’s Versatility In Acting Source: Netflix
Leo also becomes Sandler’s highest-score Netflix movie ever since the actor’s contract with the streaming behemoth in 2014. Sandler is known for his several comedy movies like Just Go With It and Grown Ups, which the actor directed himself. While his films aren’t exactly critics’ favorite, they still attract audiences to the theaters thanks to their quirky and silly humor.
While his other old-school titles like Murder Mystery or Hubie Halloween aren’t very well-received by the audience, Sandler seems to excel in more versatile roles where he can show his creativity in acting, and stray away from his regular comedy formula. Leo is a great example of this.

#4. Why Leo Is A Better Animated Movie Than Wish

Why Leo Is A Better Animated Movie Than Wish Source: Disney
When you think about it, it’s easy to understand why Leo outperforms Wish in terms of reviews. While Leo sees Adam Sandler break away from his normal comedy gig to take on a more versatile and serious role, Wish basically just repeats the old-school Disney pattern that has made them successful for so many years, without any kind of revitalization or significant changes.
The main protagonist Asha is basically a carbon copy of other Disney princesses from the past, such as Moana, Rapunzel, or Mirabel. The villain Magnifico is no different. Disney tries to make up the lackluster story with numerous references to old House of Mouse titles, but they only make the movie feel needlessly stacked and more confusing.
Do you think Leo is a better animated movie this season than Wish? What’s your review for both movies? let us know in the comments.
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