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Abram Boise The Challenge: Meet The Reality Star

You might meet Abram Boise from The Challenge, and he admittedly established his position as a hard-earned reality star in multiple seasons, including Road Rules: South Pacific or The Inferno and The Inferno 3 (he is the champion in The Inferno shows BTW). 

Now let's take a look at this hunk of a man and see what he's got on screen and in real life.


Abram Boise In The Challenge

Abram Boise In The Challenge Source: Abram Boise
Alrighty, let's dive into the whirlwind world of Abram Gabriel Boise from "The Challenge". This dude's been stirring the pot since his debut on "Road Rules: South Pacific". A real champ in "The Inferno" and "The Inferno 3", and nearly nabbed the top spot in "The Inferno II" and "Cutthroat". But that's not all, he's been all over the place, from "The Gauntlet" to "Battle of the Exes" and "Battle of the Bloodlines".
In "The Gauntlet", Abe's mouth got him into hot water, making him the odd one out. The Roadies, especially Donell, didn't miss a chance to poke fun at him. Pushed to the edge, Abe lashed out big time.
Life beyond the show? Abe's been living it up – surfing in Hermosa Beach and Cabo, rock climbing in Idaho, and just chilling with nature in Montana. When it comes to love, Abe's playing it cool, hanging out with some gals but nothing too serious.
Abe's claim to fame? That epic fist-fight on Road Rules that got him the boot. During "The Inferno", he turned up the heat with Veronica and Rachel in the shower, a real show-stopper. Despite a shaky start in "The Gauntlet", he pulled up his socks, played fair and was all about winning that cash.
His stint on "Battle of the Sexes 2" had highs and lows. Rocking a mohawk, he scored a win on "The Inferno" but lost it big time with Donell, showing his wild side. His dating life? There's talk about him and a mystery girl from the girls' bungalow.
In "The Inferno II", Abe was the sweet guy with Coral but had his moments with Veronica and Rachel too. His strong nature sometimes got the better of him, leading to disqualifications.
Fast forward to "The Inferno 3", and our Montana boy showed his true colors, getting booted again for his temper. On "The Island", he's all about outdoor life and trying to keep his cool. And in "Cutthroat", Abe's the tough guy with a soft heart, brushing off wasp stings and falling for a special lady.
His rocky romance with Cara Maria began on "Cutthroat". Post a wild incident with the cops, they split but patched things up, though their relationship's like a rollercoaster. Cara Maria's wary of Abe's fiery side, and only time will tell if "Battle of the Exes" makes or breaks them.
So there you have it, the scoop on Abram – a mix of heart, muscle, and a dash of wildness, making every season of "The Challenge" a bit more unpredictable!

Get To Know Abram Boise In Real Life

Get To Know Abram Boise In Real Life Source: Abram Boise

Personal Details

Abram Boise, this dude's 40 and made a name for himself on TV. Now, he's all about being an artist and chatting on his podcast, "Dan & Abram vs. Life." Kinda cool switch from reality TV, right?


Abram jumped into the TV world with "Road Rules: South Pacific" and "The Challenge." After his reality TV gig, he's now rocking the art scene and hosting a podcast. Talk about a career glow-up!

TV Shows

Abram's been all over the place on TV:
  • Road Rules: South Pacific: His first gig, but got booted for being too rowdy.
  • The Gauntlet: Competed, but didn't quite make it to the end.
  • The Inferno: Big win here! Bagged himself a cool $33,500.
  • The Inferno 2: Came close, left with $10,000.
  • The Inferno 3: Another win, pocketing $40,000.
  • Cutthroat: Tough break with a medical DQ, but still snagged $20,000.


Abram's family life recently leveled up with the arrival of his son, Atlas Young Boise. A mini-me for Abram, born in April 2021.


Love-wise, Abram married Rachel Missie in 2019, but things went south by 2021. Before Rachel, he had this rollercoaster romance with Cara Maria Sorbello from "The Challenge."


Not all's been smooth sailing. Rachel called Abram out for being tough on her, both physically and emotionally. Abram hasn't said much about it though. He's had his share of drama on and off-screen, that's for sure.

Current Activities

Abram's now living it up in Los Angeles, working on his art and talking it up on his podcast. Plus, he's a dad now, so there's lots of kid time and sharing life updates online.

Social Media

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Additional Notes

Life threw a curveball at Abram and Rachel with their pregnancy; they were expecting twins but ended up with their miracle, Atlas. They got engaged and married pretty quick in 2019. Abram's always been this fiery competitor on "The Challenge," but his personal life's had its own set of ups and downs.
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