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  2. David Steiner, Abby Steiner’s Father
  3. Mollie Steiner, Abby Steiner’s Mother
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Meet Abby Steiner’s Parents - Mollie (Mom) And David Steiner (Dad)

Abby Steiner, a remarkable athlete, has made university history. This achievement has only added to her growing fan base, leaving many curious about Abby Steiner’s parents.

In this article, we'll dive into their age, profession, Instagram presence, and current place of residence. Keep scrolling to discover more about this athlete's parents!

Meet Abby Steiner’s Parents

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Abby Steiner from the University of Kentucky, achieved historic milestones in both the 200-meter and 100-meter events. Her outstanding performance at the Joe May Invitational held at Louisiana State University made headlines. During the event, Abby sprinted her way to the title of the fastest 200-meter runner, securing the second spot in university history.

At the heart of Abby Steiner's incredible journey in the world of athletics are her parents, Mollie and David Steiner, who hail from the state of Ohio. Their unwavering support and pride in their daughter's remarkable achievements are obvious.

As Abby continues to shatter records and etch her name in the annals of athletic history, it's clear that Abby Steiner’s parents are her most ardent fans.


David Steiner, Abby Steiner’s Father

David Steiner - Age

He was born on May 11, 1969. David Steiner is currently 54 years old.

David Steiner - Nationality

David Steiner’s nationality is American.

David Steiner - Career

David Steiner has had an impressive career journey. In 1991, he began his professional path as a sales manager. His first venture was with Kraft Foodservice, where he served as a regional sales manager for two years. In 1993, his next stop was Nabisco, and he took on the role of Distributor Manager until 1996.

But David's career didn't stop there. He continued to explore new horizons, joining Krinos Foods as a Regional Sales Manager. Over the years, he wore various hats in different companies, including Diageo as Estate Manager and Chain Manager, The Wine Group as an Area Manager, and National Wine & Spirits as Director of Sales.

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He had a second stint with Diageo from 2005 to 2011, this time as the Reserve Brand Director and Market Manager.

For an extended period, he contributed his expertise to Florida Caribbean Distillers, where he held the position of the company's national sales director. In December 2019, David Steiner assumed the role of Director of Sales for the esteemed Four Roses Distillery.

His appointment was celebrated with an official statement on the company's website, highlighting his impressive 28 years of executive sales experience in the beverage, corporate grocery, and food service industries.

It's also worth noting that David is a proud graduate of the University of Miami, where he earned a bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing in 1991.

David Steiner Source: Google Images

Mollie Steiner, Abby Steiner’s Mother

Mollie Steiner - Age

Born in January 1969. Mollie Steiner is currently 54 years old.

Mollie Steiner - Nationality

Mollie Steiner’s nationality is American.

Mollie Steiner - Career

She began her professional life as a Program Director of Fitness Systems, working with Premark International from 1994 to 1996. Then, in 1996, she took on the role of Employee Wellness Coordinator while still continuing her work with Program Director of Fitness Systems, this time with Household International

After dedicating eight years to her role, Mollie decided to join Premier at Sawhill Athletic Club in 2005 as a Group Fitness Manager. During her six-year tenure, she not only managed but also became a fitness instructor, a role she continued until July 2014.


Between 2011 and 2014, Mollie ventured into Dublin City as a Wellness Coordinator, expanding her expertise in the field. Later, she joined OCLC as a Benefits and Wellness Specialist, contributing her skills until February 2017.

Mollie's educational background is equally impressive. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Health Studies from the University of Miami and a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Studies.

Abby Steiner's family has two older twin brothers named Riley and Jack Steiner. These twins were born on September 14, 1996, which means they are now 27 years old.

Abby Steiner’s Mother Source: Google Images

In a touching story from September 2014, it was reported that Abby's sister, Riley, faced a challenging battle. She was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia on July 8 of that year. This was a difficult time for the Steiner family, but they didn't face it alone. Both the school and their community rallied around them, offering their support.

In a heartwarming gesture, the family decided to donate all the money they received to the National Children's Hospital and leukemia research. Abby's mother expressed her gratitude for the incredible support they received, which made their difficult journey a little bit easier.

As her mother explained, they initially thought Riley might have a different illness, like mono, but a blood test revealed an elevated white blood cell count, leading to the leukemia diagnosis.

Thankfully, doctors were optimistic about Riley's prognosis, and she underwent outpatient chemotherapy for six months, followed by a one-year maintenance phase of treatment. As of 2023, she's doing well.

abby steiner's sister Source: Google Images

Do Abby Steiner’s Parents Have Instagram Accounts?

David Steiner is available on Instagram (@davesteiner8). And Mollie Steiner is available on Instagram (@dsteine12).

Where Are Abby Steiner’s Parents Living Now?

Abby Steiner’s parents live in Dublin, Ohio.



In this article, we've uncovered details about the ages, professions, and current places of Abby Steiner's parents. Their unwavering support for their remarkable daughter's athletic achievements is evident, and they remain her most ardent fans.

David Steiner boasts an impressive career in the beverage and sales industries, while Mollie Steiner has dedicated her professional life to fitness and wellness. Both hold degrees from the University of Miami and are American nationals. Abby's family also includes two older twin brothers, Riley and Jack Steiner.

Their inspiring story of resilience during Riley's battle with leukemia further highlights the strength and unity of the Steiner family.

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