20 Oddly Terrifying Pictures That'll Make You Shiver

The Internet is home to a lot of bizarre things. Especially during Halloween times, many weird and creepy things have been shared with other people via the Internet. And some of them are so terrifying that it would be a pity if we didn't share them with you. As a result, we have compiled a list of oddly terrifying pictures for you guys. If you are looking for something that can make you shiver, then be prepared to be threatened by these spooky bunches.
These images we have chosen after taking a deep dive into the r/oddlyterrifying subreddit - the home of 2.5 million members who constantly share oddly terrifying things. Now, take off your glasses for a few minutes to check out this list unless you want the spooky images below to frighten you to the point that the night after watching them you are suddenly afraid of the dark.
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#1. Jim Carey doing the Grinch Face without the use of any makeup

Source: SupCJ

#2. Just some regular rubber gloves washing accidentally opened the gate of hell

Source: jfrchen1207

#3. Giant hand in the forest

Source: maybebaby23

#4. Spiky contacts

Source: mali1321

#5. An MRI scan of babies during pregnancy...

Source: KiWi_pEnCiL36

#6. Dried-up stingrays will haunt my nightmares

Source: NeuroticNurse

#7. Poor horses

Source: ddoniolvalcroze

#8. A snowman I should not have created

Source: fudgebringer

#9. Cabbage fields in Japan. It looks like a field of alien eggs

Source: [deleted]

#10. We all float on Grandma's sofa...

Source: korgscrew

#11. The snapdragon flower when it dies

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: ICantTyping

#12. Costume

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: Master1718

#13. The “skin” cake I made to celebrate the beginning of Dermatology residency. Everyone thought it was delicious

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: Midwest-md

#14. A ladybug covered in morning dew

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: Goopacity

#15. Driftwood figures roaming the forest. By Japanese artist, Nagato Iwasaki

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: ltJustMe

#16. Mosquito flies in front of the lens

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: ThePhantom1994

#17. Very humbling sign posted outside a cemetery in the middle of the woods

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: Poey221

#18. This Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: MostlyKelp

#19. Thinking you've come across a KKK meeting

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: guialbusbnbsfdsf

#20. This.. this isn't right..

Oddly Terrifying PicturesSource: fallinaditch

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