Unsettling Images That Get Creepier The Longer You Look At Them

Humans' nature is simply weird. We refuse to believe in things happening before our eyes, but we fear things that don't exist. Well, it sounds illogical, yet it's the very reality. Reportedly, there are many cases when people fail to notice wrong happenings even though they're apparent, resulting in miseries and detrimental consequences. And in somewhat an opposite way, many are scared to death by ghosts, devils, and cursed things.
Still, fear is our instinct. And the more you learn about the world, the more things you know and fear. Yes, this world has an abundance of creepy stuff, and you may have seen some of them in horror movies. Yet, it's much scarier when it happens in real life. Like when you casually take a picture and then get scared by something you didn't notice in the background beforehand. Need some holy water here.
In this post, we have gathered some pictures that get creepier the longer you look at them. Now, do you feel the call of your morbid curiosity? Let's scroll down and check them out!

#1 Easy peasy. Just go straight, you know. And don't look down...

Source: Reddit

#2 Grandma did it for fun

Source: AndrewtheJepster

#3 You'll not want to see this at night

Source: Musicmantobes

#4 The bridge to heaven

Source: TomHank92

#5 So, finnaly, cursed redbox in 2014 has been solved

Source: Momisblunt

#6 In the dark water

Source: Impressive-0ysters

#7 Maybe kisses and even more...

Source: OriginaIHum0r

#8 Don't look

Source: Efficient-Ad5850

#9 Chairs and tables? Oh wait...

Source: Practical-Leg-6633

#10 What a soution...

Source: CheriJacobus

#11 More like The Scream Room

Source: Lieutenant-Gravy

#12 If you believe it's a pool, then it's a pool

Source: gem_miner

#13 When you see it

Source: Kontakt6

#14 Better don't turn on flash at night

Source: elliotgranath

#15 She was there for hours before we noticed

Source: rockisnotdeadyaknow

#16 You may want to look for triangle patterns in the middle

Source: Archie7373

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