20 Epic Twitter Comebacks That You Should Not Keep For Yourself

Frankly saying, tit-for-tat is fun! Admit it, we’ve all been there, picturing millions of scenarios where we could take revenge on someone who has been such a jerk to us. Sometimes, our moral compass doesn’t allow us to make others pay for what they have done no matter how much we want to. More often than not, we don’t have enough courage to do so because what if the situation gets out of control? The thought that we can’t handle the further consequence just scares the heck out of us. Therefore, watching people get even with their "so-called enemy" often satisfies the devil inside us. Many have shared on Twitter their own epic comebacks or others’ stories that they know, which soon became a viral topic on other platforms as well.
We've compiled 20 epic Twitter comebacks that sure will help you get through your day! Check out and share with your friends if you find them hilarious!

#1. The pain goes away pretty quickly

Source: jk_rowling

#2. Are you?

Source: tescomobile

#3. Bro, did it work?

Source: austinlockedup

#4. The British Museum

Source: GemsOfReplies

#5. It's fine, Meghan

Source: AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhz

#6. Cancel culture

Source: Joe_Black03

#7. British got no chill

Source: OnionGobbler862

#8. Who needs kids anyway

Source: kyreann

#9. Matching tattoos

Source: _Breyonnn

#10. Trying to watch a movie

Source: reddit

#11. An individual choice

epic twitter comebacksSource: Klutzy_Book2286

#12. "Both Magnus Carlsen and I can play chess."

epic twitter comebacksSource: Ntheboss

#13. When you put both feet in your mouth

epic twitter comebacksSource: Short_Fun9155

#14. That doesn't mean what you think it means

epic twitter comebacksSource: beerbellybegone

#15. Numbers don't lie.

epic twitter comebacksSource: BelleAriel

#16. A right royal burn

epic twitter comebacksSource: BelleAriel

#17. Complaining is easier than fixing

epic twitter comebacksSource: beerbellybegone

#18. Sex education

epic twitter comebacksSource:

#19. Are you serious?

epic twitter comebacksSource: GemsOfReplies

#20. Is this “pro-life?”

epic twitter comebacksSource: BelleAriel

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