30 Amazing Comparison Photos That Will Give You A Different Perspective On Everything

Perspective is such a wonderful thing. Because when you need to change the way you think about the world, you just need a different perspective. If comparing the size of something to another object will help you appreciate just how big or small it really is, then comparing the transformation before and after will make you see the beauty or the ugliness that was hiding in it all along. Plus two photos of the exact same thing can result in very different thoughts. Different Perspective On Everything is seen in this post.
So we have gathered 30 photos of a different perspective on things. Whether it is an adorable or a historical comparison, we are sure you're going to gain a new perspective on something by clicking through these 30 photos. Without any further ado, let's scroll down and enjoy these photos of a different perspective on things. 

#1. "My jeans vs my wife’s jeans"

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: Funkytown1177

#2. Last week vs. this week:

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: poob-eye

#3. The ceiling tiles in the Da Nang airport smoking section vs. non-smoking section.

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: larebareblog

#4. Mum vs. Dad

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: Unknown

#5. The same street, 71 years ago:

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: StarBringerKai

#6. New and old basketballs at an arcade

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: Is_that_a_challenge

#7. Bus for comparison

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: YogiHD

#8. What humans see compared to what birds see:

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: tanzaniteflame

#9. The price of 12 pieces of chalk at Target vs my college bookstore:

Different Perspective On EverythingSource: Leahcimjs

#10. "I did a half-face comparison of myself and my daughter today, it's kind of freaky"

Different Perspective On EverythingSource:

#11. Nova Scotia tides from the same deck 12 hours apart:

Source: Caddy2455

#12. First day of primary school vs last day of teacher training:

Source: Reddit

#13. "My dad and I are a great reminder that genetics aren’t an exact science"

Source: SFRoussimoff

#14. Modern tomato vs one grown from 150 y/o seeds:

Source: jambags

#15. Fattest baby in the world 23 pounds, next to an average size baby:

Source: AbbyNmiguelitoo

#16. Women basketball players vs. cheerleaders:

Source: Belairboy

#17. The difference between 31 and 21...

Source: melitini

#18. The Arctic 103 years ago compared to today

Source: Sumit316

#19 Liquor store parking lot vs. laser eye surgery parking lot

Source: Pirate_Redbeard; jim_diesel6 

#20. It's easy for us to forget how big NBA players are. Here is the Rock (6'5, 265 Pounds) for comparison:

Source: TheRock

#21. Jeans of a girl who gradually lost 65 lb:

Source: pikabu

#22. Girls' Life vs Boys' Life:

Source: MonkeyScales

#23. Berlin vs. Berlin:

Source: stimps0n

#24. 1990 vs. 2018:

Source: Gar1986

#25. Two very different nights...

Source: Bolenox

#26. "4 paintings of the same sunflower by each of my 4 children, all painted at the same age of 5"

Source: Exermuter

#27. 98% wolf vs. 40% wolf:

Source: yariandlycan

#28. On the way to the lake vs. on the way home from the lake:

Source: Aspen_Lou

#29. Zlatni Rat Beach in Croatia before and after the latest storm

Source: Reddit

#30. My friend's first day of freshman year vs last:

Source: HappyCrona

Which of these changes do you find most impressive? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!
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