20 People Who Got Extremely Lucky When Shopping Online

Nowadays, shopping through an e-commerce platform is a habit of many people because it saves time and money as well. Of course, it is not uncommon for customers to receive what is not as described. These are disadvantages of online shopping that service providers have not yet found an optimal solution to solve. These people got lucky when shopping online.
However, do not rush to delete the online shopping app because there are still many reputable online sellers that have delivered great products and satisfaction to their online customers. If you don't believe it, scroll down to meet lucky shoppers who not only received the correct product they ordered through the app but also got more than expected. These lucky people shopping online can inspire us to keep shopping online with trust and confidence. If you've been lucky enough to receive extra gifts, don't forget to tell us in the comments. Lucky People Shopping Online are interesting to see. 

#1. "I ordered an oil filter for my car and it came with Mercedes perfume."

people got lucky when shopping online.Source: xxmalik

#2. "I ordered a Cobi model and the salesman sent a Lego figure with a QR Code as a business card"

people got lucky when shopping online.Source: TrippingCorpse7

#3. "The way this restaurant stamped their name into the food I ordered."

people got lucky when shopping online.Source: Jjays

#4. "My Uber Eats order had my name written super fancy"

people got lucky when shopping online.Source: weatherwaxing

#5. "This phone case I ordered the other day came with free Saint Patrick’s day stickers despite the fact that it’s August."

people got lucky when shopping online.Source: berrybunniez

#6. "The seller packed my Aliexpress order with heart-shaped bubble wrap."

people got lucky when shopping online.Source: angry_smiley_doll

#7. "I ordered a Jeff Goldblum x Harambe shower curtain but received an oversized tapestry instead

people got lucky when shopping online.Source: NVSuave

#8. "My neighbor received this photo and bracelet in her order from Glossier. No note. No idea who these people are."

Source: CountBacula322079

#9. "The company I ordered contacts from included a small pack of gummy bears with the order."

Source: 2017-iPhone-X

#10. "The extra cup of salsa that came with my takeout order"

Source: RampChurch

#11. "I ordered a guitar pedal from Japan and it came with an origami crane and a handwritten thank-you note"

Source: Hyperspacehost

#12. Feeling extra fortunate after ordering Chinese food tonight.

Source: Surreptitian

#13. Ordered something online and it came with a 55-year-old postage stamp

Source: Legomaster1963

#14. "I ordered 1 ranch. I was charged for one ranch. I received 10 ranches."

Source: talks-a-lot

#15. "We ordered Chinese takeout and they handed us our food in a pickle box instead of a bag"

Source: yeetcapsule

#16. "I ordered a little pin from Disney and they sent me a huge box with a Star Wars Christmas Lego for free with it"

Source: ImThe1Wh0

#17. Ordered a guitar online and it came with candy

Source: hoagieguy

#18. "I ordered a new refrigerator door storage Shelf. It came with free magnets"

Source: dont-drop-the-soap

#19. "Just had McSocks in my Mcdonald's order"

Source: tomtomtogo

#20. Ordered a new knife they give you two Band-Aids with it

Source: Butt-chicken

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