25 Moments When The Day Didn't Start Off Well In The Morning

Do you think that you have a bad day? And bad moments in the morning, do you feel that things will never get better? However, the fact is that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to improve your life. And life doesn't consist of thunderstorms, it also has butterflies and rainbows. And, remember that not only do you have a bad day, but there are many unfortunate folks out there who experience bad luck like you. Their days are even worse than yours. Therefore, do not be discouraged. Days don't start off well all the time.
We have collected 25 pictures of people who had more incredibly bad luck than you’ve ever seen. One had been walking around meeting their clients with a massive 6-7 inch rip in their pants. Another turned their back for a minute and their cat peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice. Aren't they such horrible situations? If you had a bad day, look at these pictures, perhaps they will help you feel better. These bad moments in the morning might be relatable. 

#1. You can just feel the deflation

Days don't start off wellSource: chinlesslanding

#2. Great day at work

Days don't start off wellSource: [deleted]

#3. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to see what happened here...

Days don't start off wellSource: Onion_Do_Piaza

#4. I love being a native Floridian and playing the spot the tourist game

Days don't start off wellSource: [deleted]

#5. Well... I think the image speaks for itself

Days don't start off wellSource: S0Ldado_WC

#6. My friend got a brand new TV. I hope he kept the receipt

Days don't start off wellSource: [deleted]

#7. “Never again will I eat ice cream!”

Days don't start off wellSource: Sm4sherPT

#8. We decided to have some trees removed because they looked like they might fall on our house

Days don't start off wellSource: backwudsmodified

#9. Got home from work today. Realized I’ve been walking around meeting clients with a giant 6-7 in a rip in my pants that no one said anything about. So I figured the internet should also know

Days don't start off wellSource: Krumpus8

#10. Ouch!!


#11. My friend's roof leaked during a big rainstorm, and the water ended up trapped inside the house's paint

Source: notthefunyun

#12. When the earthquake hits at the wrong time

Source: lol62056

#13. Poor guys


#14. The Manhattan Skyline

Source: CakeFace10

#15. Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice...

Source: TheLoxFox

#16. How could this happen at all?


#17. Reason to wear a seat belt

Source: WeAskToLearn

#18. Put some oil on the stove to fry some chicken before bed

Source: chill_cat_character

#19. Ever have one of those days?

Source: SirSoliloquy

#20. Well, this guy's enjoying the atmostphere at the high place


#21. BREAKING NEWS: Local idiot spills spaghetti on her bed

Source: [deleted]

#22. This is what happens when lightning hits your electrical meter

Source: o_m_j

#23. I wanna cry looking at this

Source: Emergency_Knowledge

#24. Candle was super fragrant last night... now I know why!

Source: TomSF

#25. Friend bought a new mouse because her old one died

Source: [deleted]

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