23 Amazing Coincidences Caught On Camera At Perfect Time

Do coincidences exist in our reality? Yes, it actually exists. Whether you believe it or not, it's okay, but I think it is. Coincidences—when two unconnected occurrences take place at the same time or location and the probability of this happening is low—have been and will continue to exist in the world. Because witnessing a coincidence is quite rare, we are always in awe anytime we spot it. Additionally, it makes us believe that God is always by our side.
We have come across some stupefying coincidences that actually exist on earth. They are so wonderful that we must share them with you guys. Scroll down to check out the gallery and vote for the pic you like the most. Also, if you find this article funny, don't forget to share it with your loved ones to brighten up their day. Amazing coincidences caught on camera might be seen here

#1. Dog wears glasses

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource: Daniaximehc

#2. This pic of an ending day

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource: itzbigmoe2u

#3. Nice beard! Wait a minute...

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource: garnierusa

#4. The guy is playing for both teams, and still watching it from the grandstand

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource: flygon223

#5. Camouflage level 8

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource: UntoldDimension

#6. Wearing the floor...

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource:

#7. Another failure in the matrix

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource:

#8. Camel face

Amazing coincidences caught on cameraSource: CoughAtMeBro

#9. When you complement each other perfectly with your partner ⁠

Source: ipylaev

#10. Oh, the coincidence

Source: [deleted]

#11. When humans and nature unite

Source: dinocantelli

#12. Third day in a row I’ve seen this dude wearing a sword on public transit


#13. Carrying light

Source: DemosEst

#14. A perfect coincidence...

Source: Cyberious123

#15. The perfect disguise

Source: bencebakonyi

#16. There was a robin red breast in the garden centre, looking like he was trying to buy a bird feeder

Source: tezzabelle

#17. From this angle this rock formation looks like an heart, i love this type of coincidence

Source: davidx21300

#18. Yeah, what a coincidence

Source: antfro946

#19. This tree looks like straight up broccoli

Source: Bdogg242

#20. The lake outside of my office is the same color as the sky today

Source: artistdesignerwriter

#21. Bit of a coincidence at the pub last night...

Source: Affero-Dolor

#22. Rainbow coincidence

Source: pickasap

#23. Royals fans mom and daughter awesome coincidence (almost)

Source: chattahoochee

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