Cute Otter Uses A Stick To Support Himself, Reddit Adds South Park Puns

There are so many unique animals that inhabit the globe with us that it can occasionally be challenging to appreciate them all. We have pets who live with us, animals in our yards and neighborhood parks, as well as wild creatures from all over the world.
They all contribute to our enjoyment of the world around us, and we occasionally seek methods to enjoy their antics by seeing web images. Indeed, those photos provide us with access to animals that we might not otherwise see, and they might bring a smile to our faces.

cute otter pictureSource: Flickr

That is exactly how you will feel after seeing an cute otter picture posted by u/uJellie. Whatever they are doing, they appear to be having a good time. You've probably seen the iconic photograph of a cute otter standing, staring into the horizon, contemplating his existence. But what comes after the photo is the true treat.

cute otter pictureSource: u/uJellie

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how freaking gorgeous otters are before we get into all the Reddit funny comments where all people are so impressed by this adorable otter with its stick? We should probably change that because we're not entirely sure what it is about them. We may already be aware of what it is—their hands! Their hands and the way they use them just seem so unbelievably precious.
We're beginning to understand just how intelligent otters are. They are proficient basketball players. They are skilled at opening clams with rocks and stacking cups. Animals very rarely use tools in this manner. Even the otter at the Seattle Aquarium is capable of using an inhaler. And maybe most significantly, they are experts at vending machines.
Some Redditors gave a quite 'reasonable' explanation: When they already have perfectly good tummies to eat on, they go around cutting down trees for tables. Or after his travels, this otter has settled into a peaceful existence in the Shire.

cute otter pictureSource: The Starfish Canada

A Redditor even imagined a more funny scene: Throws its stick to the side, straightens its back (which was crooked), flexes its rippling otter muscles, and 8-pack! And then, that otter desperately needs a waistcoat and a pocket watch on a chain.

cute otter pictureSource: radiantcabbage

cute otter pictureSource: Bartydogsgd

Another even created a story behind this photo: When your opponent begins to speak in monologue, the heated combat between you and them pauses. Then you hear hobbling footsteps and turn around to see this otter approaching you to stand next to you. You roar as the otter draws his weapon, and the otter attacks your opponent viciously.

cute otter pictureSource: velvet42

cute otter pictureSource: anglofsffrng

You must take time to halt, breathe, and center yourself if you want to avoid burnout during demanding workdays. What better way to accomplish this than by reading a cute little Reddit thread? And don't forget to share with us your thoughts!
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