26 Hilarious And Borderline Painful Tweets About Adulthood That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Being an adult is hard. When we were children, no one told us that when we grow up to be adults, we will struggle every day to take care of our mental health, our body, and our bank accounts. Then, on most days, we failed at least one of them. What if we want to maintain a work-life balance? Then give up the high-paying job. So what if we want to cook a healthy dinner tonight? Then there will be no time to go to the gym. And what if we want to have children while still achieving our goals? Get out of here with that nonsense! These Tweets About Adulthood are absolutely hilarious and relatable.
Even though we are typically eager to leave childhood behind, as adults, we realize that being an adult actually kind of sucks. But hey, don't be too sad because we aren't the only ones that struggle while being adults. Let's scroll down to see what everyone has shared about their hilarious yet borderline painful adult lives because we all know that if there's anything better than laughing together, it's crying together. These are the funny and painful tweets about coming of age.

#1. Tragic

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: Swishergirl24

#2. TRUE

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: donfrijole

#3. Yes, yes, yes!

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: laDzeyzus

#4. Or "10 minutes of privacy is locking the bathroom door"

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: Kozher_FG

#5. "Oh yea, I miss not feeling guilty when doing nothing..."

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: tee_babz

#6. Well... The table has been tabled

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: adventurousMug

#7. sleep-eat-work-repeat

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: Eden_Eats

#8. Omg, I feel you...

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: primawesome

#9. We've all bin there

Source: Craigadd


Source: romangiivenchy

#11. This is me every morning

Source: alexdransfeldt

#12. If you're a musician, that's typically the best available career move, yes.

Source: uhhdamn

#13. For real and that makes me sad

Source: kennybeifa97

#14. This:

Source: theactionpod

#15. Mad is an understatement. It's infuriating.

Source: AbbyHasIssues

#16. Sounds about right

Source: Kica333

#17. "Crying is not an emergency"

Source: 9GAG

#18. Amen!

Source: prettyboynavi

#19. The struggle is so real

Source: glamgamine

#20. Like seriously how does dust accumulate in a matter of 2 days??

Source: isabelfulla

#21. Yup, that's why I bring my pillow everywhere I go

Source: portmanteauface

#22. This hits hard

Source: livewithnoregrt

#23. I mean...

Source: eliesaaabs

#24. It's a sh!t cycle

Source: tyresexm

#25. And then waiting for people who are late anyway.

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: AbbyHasIssues

#26. A not so fun Haiku

Tweets About AdulthoodSource: omgrelatabIe

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