20 Forbidden Foods That Are "Tasty To The Eye, But Not To The Mouth"

Have you ever found yourself so hungry that you can eat anything that even mildly resembled food around you? You know I once found myself in your shoes just like many other people around the world. I have, however, learned the painful lesson that not everything that appears to be food can be eaten. To help you to determine which foods are edible and which ones are not, I have collected a few forbidden foods that are "tasty to the eye, but not to the mouth." And you shouldn't eat them, of course.
All of the photos in the collection below I have selected from the ForbiddenSnacks subreddit. All of those foods are just a little too deceiving. I'm sure that you can't help but want to take a nibble out of each of these. Scroll down to check out delicious-looking nonfood items in the list below. And don't forget to upvote the most perplexing foods. These taboo foods are incredible. 

#1. Mineral-fortified banquet

forbidden foodsSource: SeaShantySarah

#2. Sausage, glass, and cheese

forbidden foodsSource: ZoIpidem

#3. Forbidden Oreos

forbidden foodsSource: Stab_City

#4. Forbidden cheesesteak

forbidden foodsSource: frostkaiser

#5. Forbidden meat cube (candle)

forbidden foodsSource: StarN1ght5

#6. Forbidden orange juice

forbidden foodsSource: indoorwarrior63

#7. My coffee-scented soaps that look like slabs of raw meat

forbidden foodsSource: pepperjack77-7

#8. Forbidden waterbottle

Source: _sileighty_

#9. Forbidden pork

Source: isnisse

#10. Forbidden popcorn

Source: Professional_Box5448

#11. Forbidden popcorn chicken (these are meteorites)

Source: Ace_of_Snass

#12. Watermelon sugar high

Source: Shiba_inu45

#13. Looks like a fruit punch…

Source: [deleted]

#14. Forbidden strawberry ice cream

Source: Yoogoy

#15. Forbidden jellybeans

Source: Little_Skittle_

#16. Forbidden a bunch of garlic

Source: Y2SHAF

#17. One is chocolate, one is for the dishwasher…

Source: ghostsinurblood

#18. Forbidden eggs

Source: Nathan3023

#19. Forbidden chicken tenders

Source: total_loss76

#20. Forbidden fruit snack

Source: meimzi

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