18 Super Cringey Photoshop Fails, We Can't Even Look

Down below are some of the cringest, cringey photoshop fails we have found on the internet.

With the invention of the internet, people can share images of themselves and the world around them with many others. That's also how people keep their valuable memories these days. But, the internet brings us more than just an unlimited photo archive. It also brings us tools that allow us to do magic on those photos.

No one wants to look bad while taking a picture. But, we have no power to make ourselves look instantly better within minutes. Makeup can do the thing, partially. But it's not for everyone. Luckily, we have Photoshop - the tool that can even alter reality. Not sure if Photoshop is a good or a bad thing the internet has offered us. But surely, it has quickly become the most used photo editing tool worldwide.

The beauty standards these days are indeed pretty clear and similar across the globe. And while people know what are their desired looks, they just can't or are simply too lazy to strive for them. Thin waist, slender legs, big boobs, baby eyes, which girl wouldn't want these? And boys want to look cool and masculine with a beefy body, big arms, and six-pack abs. The goals are clear but do you have patience and endeavor to achieve them?

Some use their willpower, time, blood, and tears to make their dream come true. Others use Photoshop as a shortcut, a cheat code to make it done. And, like what people say, if people get something too easily, they'll easily lose control of their actions. Well, that was exactly how all these cringe-worthy photoshop fails were created. If you can edit to make your legs look longer, why don't make them noticeably long?

Down below are some of the cringest, funniest photoshop fails we have found on the internet. We decided to make this gallery just for your viewing pleasure. So, what are you waiting for? Let's scroll down to check it out. Super Cringey Photoshop Errors are what you must see. 

#1 That door looks thiccc

cringe photoshop cringey photoshop failsSource: CapiPuppy

#2 Nobody will notice

cringe photoshop cringey photoshop failsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#3 Cartoon character in real life

artoon character in real life cringey photoshop failsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#4 Would look cool from space if it were real, though

cringe photoshop cringey photoshop failsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#5 Evolving into a Pokemon

Evolving into a Pokemon cringey photoshop failsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#6 Nightmares Part I

Nightmares Part I cringey photoshop failsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#7 Ohh, nice body, dude

Ohh, nice body, dude cringey photoshop failsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#8 Clearly, that's your ride, my man

Clearly, that's your ride, my manSource: OliverClothesOff70

#9 She's got leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegs and she knows how to use them

Photoshop funnySource: OliverClothesOff70

#10 Not exactly a PS Fail. Fakery exposed

Photoshop funnySource: OliverClothesOff70

#11 Wood warping

Wood warpingSource: OliverClothesOff70

#12 Why do you hate your feet so much?

Why do you hate your feet so much?Source: OliverClothesOff70

#13 What's with her hands?

What's with her hands?Source: OliverClothesOff70

#14 Light bends

Light bendsSource: OliverClothesOff70

#15 Can anyone guess why?

cringe photoshopSource: OliverClothesOff70

#16 Nightmares Part II

cringe photoshopSource: OliverClothesOff70

#17 Warp Face

Warp FaceSource: OliverClothesOff70

#18 Airbrush tool in full use

cringe photoshop

Source: OliverClothesOff70

What to say now. Let's be reasonable with everything. Too much of anything is just not good. Keep it real (at least a part) with your photos. Even though editing to make you look better on social media is a common thing, editing to the point that makes you look like an alien is... not recommended.

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