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  1. #1. What Is The Paimon Emergency Food Joke?
  2. #2. When To Use Paimon As Emergency Food

What Is The Paimon Emergency Food Joke In Genshin Impact?

Wondering about the Paimon Emergency Food joke in Genshin Impact? You've come to the right place! The open-world role-playing game (RPG) has already drawn millions of players after only one week on the market after its release. When a game reaches that level of popularity, it is nearly unavoidable that it will come to dominate a certain portion of the culture and memes that exist on the internet. This phenomenon relates to "memeification." On the other hand, the joke that refers to Paimon as "emergency food" has been around for far longer than the rest of the others.

#1. What Is The Paimon Emergency Food Joke?

paimon emergency food Source: Genshin Impact
Paimon has been by the player's side since the beginning of the game, acting as a steady companion. At the novel's beginning, the Traveler comes across a teeny-tiny flying creature who goes by the name of She. She never refers to herself in the first person; rather, she always does it in the third person throughout the entire conversation. Paimon is not a character that the player in Genshin Impact can control; rather, he acts as a source of counsel and navigation as the tale progresses. You also want to see how to get Genshin redeem codes in 2022.

The importance of Paimon

paimon emergency foodIn this role, Paimon plays an important role in the game. Whatever the case, the game does not waste time getting the antics started as quickly as possible. Within the first half an hour of the game, the Traveler will have an encounter with a knight who goes by the name of Amber. Paimon is the focus of Amber's attention as she poses the following rhetorical question: "And here we have... the mascot. The question is, "What is the situation here?" The participant is then given a choice to react and say, "Food for immediate consumption." Paimon's response to this is, "Hey! In comparison, being a mascot would be a piece of cake!
Even the Genshin Impact Twitter account is "ruled" by Paimon, so the mascot joke is already a meta-joke. But luckily, the joke about "Emergency Food" stays in the game from the beginning to the end, and players have many chances as the game goes on to talk about whether or not it would be possible to swallow Paimon. Paimon's patience runs out after a while, and he yells, "No! Paimon is NOT food you should eat in a pinch; this is the last time I'll say that. The people in the Genshin Impact community gave Paimon the name "Emergency Food" relatively quickly after the game came out. You may want to know where and how to fight Mirror Maiden in Genshin Impact.

#2. When To Use Paimon As Emergency Food

paimon emergency foodThe Emergency Food joke has suddenly become very popular on the internet. Because the term is becoming more well-known, the Genshin Impact Wiki has started to call it Paimon's official name. It has also been mentioned in many memes, and some very creative fan art shows all the different ways Paimon could be cooked. Emergency Food is nothing short of a culinary phenomenon. This may be partly because it uses fans' worries about the lack of a Paimon mute in Genshin Impact to its advantage. This dissatisfaction comes from the fact that there is no Paimon mute in Genshin Impact. Check out the list of these newest Genshin Impact characters.
It should be no surprise that Paimon is not a suitable replacement for genuine Emergency Food. To put it another way, the events in Genshin Impact have not yet progressed to the point where it would be necessary to swallow the floaty, small companion. Even though the mascot of a video game could look tasty, there is still a very small chance that they will murder the mascot. No matter what happens, it's safe to bet that fans will keep making jokes about Paimon for a long time.
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