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  1. #1. Location Of Mirror Maiden
  2. #2. Strategies for Defeating Genshin Impact's Mirror Maidens

Where And How To Fight Mirror Maiden In Genshin Impact

Mirror Maiden is an intriguing new enemy for Elite Hydro to face, and she is introduced in Genshin Impact 2.0. Both where to find them and how to prevail against them are outlined in the following paragraphs.
Genshin Impact 2.0 presents players with a number of challenging adversaries, but one of the most intriguing is the Mirror Maiden. When they are beaten, the powerful adversaries known as Fatui Mirror Maidens will drop unique items into the world. These foes are totally new to the game.

#1. Location Of Mirror Maiden

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Mirror Maidens are only found in Inazuma, and they use Hydro Delusions to control Hydro Mirrors in combat. How to track them down, counteract their powers, and win the fight is detailed below. Genshin Impact makes it simple to locate Mirror Maidens. They stand out from the other enemies in the game because they are tall women in blue outfits surrounded by mirrors. They populate the middle and northern parts of Narukami Island, as well as parts of Yashiori Island and the heart of Kannazuka. Don't miss these Genshin redeem codes.

#2. Strategies for Defeating Genshin Impact's Mirror Maidens

mirror maidenBecause of their ability to Hydro Delusion, Mirror Maidens in Genshin Impact make use of Hydro powers when engaging in battle. To put it another way, they are able to teleport by using their Hydro Mirror. The Mirror Maiden's abilities can be broken down into the following categories, each of which serves a distinct purpose:
  • The waterwheels ability calls down three streams of water that smash onto the earth like mirror shards. These water-tornadoes shards provide significant burst Hydro damage.Up to three Hydro Bullets can be fired at the target, each delivering Hydro damage.
  • Hydro damage is dealt in three splashes as water is shot into the air and then rains back down.
  • Glass Cage: Calls out tiny mirror shards that encircle the player, locking them in place while causing little Hydro Damage.
  • The Laser Zone calls forth three Hydro Bullets, which circle the player and Mirror Maiden. Hydro damage is dealt in two bursts; the first is an area-of-effect laser, and the second is a concentrated beam.
  • Calls forth a mirror that slams shut behind the Mirror Maiden, whisking her away to an unspecified location.
The Future Mirror Maiden uses Refraction on many of her attacks. Four little mirror shards on the character represent this effect. This causes the player to enter the Polarization state where the Mirror Maiden can employ the vast bulk of her skills. When the Mirror Maiden is not in the Polarization condition, she can employ Mirror Portal, Waterwheels, and Hydro Bullets. You may find the list of 11 Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact interesting.

You May Find Some Hindrances

mirror maidenBecause she is a Hydro foe, the Mirror Maiden is most vulnerable to Pyro and Cryo heroes. The Maiden can be consistently frozen by Cryo characters, rendering her defenseless. Damage-dealing Pyro characters can increase their effectiveness using the Vaporize Reaction. Pyro and Anemo characters can also heal themselves of the Refraction debuff. Characters from the Anemo class, such as the nimble Kazuha or Venti, are also useful for dodging the assaults of a Mirror Maiden and breaking out of the Glass Cage. Check out the list of these new Genshin Impact characters.
Mirror Maidens are known to drop Prisms in addition to different 3- and 4-Star artifact sets. The Mirror Maiden's unique Dismal, Crystal, and Polarizing Prisms are all usable as weapon ascending materials. Some of Inazuma's finest new weaponry require these Prisms to advance to higher levels (Hakushin Ring, Hamayumi, and Thundering Pulse). Consequently, players who want to equip their characters with these weapons should stock up on Mirror Maidens by farming them whenever possible.
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