20 Famous Logos With A Hidden Message That You Probably Never Noticed

Nowadays, with an intense flow of information surrounding us, it is getting more and more difficult for companies to reach out to consumers. So in order to outperform the competition, something crucial is required: a powerful and enduring logo. Big companies such as Apple, Toyota, and Nike are recognized by everyone thanks to their iconic logos. However, do you know that many of those logos also carry a subliminal meaning or a secret message?
Well, whether you know them or not, we believe the following list will provide you with new knowledge about some of the most well-known brands and companies in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore the hidden meanings in iconic logos by scrolling down and reading the post with us! Here are famous logos with hidden message.

1. Amazon

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, AmazonSource: Amazon

The logo's arrow, which travels from A to Z, denotes that you can find anything on the website starting with A and ending with Z. But, people usually mistake the above meaning for the smiling arrow.

2. Unilever

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, UnileverSource: Unilever

Unilever produces a huge number of goods, and to demonstrate this, they made a letter "U" out of various symbols that stand for some of their most important products.

3. Baskin Robbins

Famous Logos With Hidden MessageSource: Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins sells an enormous amount of ice cream, but have you ever wondered how many different ice cream flavors there are? The answer is 31 flavors of ice cream, as it is shown in the brand's logo.

4. Tour de France

Famous Logos With Hidden MessageSource: Tour de France

The letters O, U, R, and the orange circle make up a cyclist! So cool, right?

5. LG

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, LGSource: LG

LG, one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world, has a very entertaining logo. Many people mistakenly believe that this logo consists only of a smiling face with a wink. However, if you look closely, you will see that the letters L and G are incorporated into it.

6. Pinterest

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, PinterestSource: Pinterest

To pin things is the whole point of Pinterest, right? Therefore, it makes sense that the "P" in their logo is drawn to resemble a push-pin.

7. Chick-fil-A

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, Chick-fil-ASource: Chick-fil-A

This fast food chain's slogan is "Eat Mor Chikin," so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the C in their logo doubles as—you guessed it—a chicken.

8. NBC

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, NBCSource: NBC News

The NBC logo's rainbow hues are not chosen at random. Instead, when these colors are combined with the negative white space, they form the shape of a peacock, which is meant to symbolize the company's pride in the shows and programs it produces and broadcasts.

9. Apple

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, AppleSource: Apple

The iconic bitten apple in the Apple logo was created without any particular meaning in mind, but thanks to a devout fan base, it has come to represent several hidden messages over the years. Though there are numerous hidden meanings, one of the most well-known is that the apple, like the apple in the Adam and Eve story, is meant to stand for knowledge.

10. Hershey’s Kisses

Famous Logos With Hidden MessageSource: The Hershey Company

Two enormous Hershey's Kisses are prominently displayed in the center of the brand's logo, but what about a third kiss? You can see the extra kiss crammed in there if you look between the letters K and I and tilt your head to the left.

11. Goodwill

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, GoodwillSource: Goodwill Industries

This nonprofit strives to make people's lives better and bring them joy, so it's only fitting that the g in their logo also functions as a smiling face.

12. FedEx

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, FedExSource: FedEx

Look closely between the E and the X of the FedEx logo. Can you spot the forward arrow? Neat huh.

13. Levi's jeans

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, Levi's jeansSource: levis

The shape of a pocket found on every pair of Levi jeans is represented by the contemporary Levi's logo.

14. Nike

Famous Logos With Hidden MessageSource: Nike

Nike is the Winged Goddess of Victory according to Greek mythology. The wordmark is derived from the goddess' wing, "swoosh," which represents the sound of motion, power, and motivation.

15. Gillette

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, GilletteSource: Gillette

As you can see above, the diagonal line in the dot of the 'I' leads into the shape of the G. This is meant to symbolize both the Gillette razor's double blade and its precise shave.

16. London Symphony Orchestra

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, London Symphony OrchestraSource: London Symphony Orchestra

The letters read "LSO", but they also resemble a conductor holding a baton.

17. Toyota

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, ToyotaSource: Toyota

This one is extra cool because the logo actually includes every letter used in the company’s name.

18. Toblerone

Famous Logos With Hidden MessageSource: Toblerone

Bern, Switzerland - where Toblerone was founded - is often referred to as the City of Bears. So, they put a bear in here, concealed by the mountain.

19. Beats

Famous Logos With Hidden Message, BeatsSource: beatsbydre

At first glance, the Beats by Dre logo is just a red circle with the letter b inside of it. However, that red circle is actually also supposed to represent a human's head, and the b is supposed to be a pair of Beats headphones over their ears.

20. Hyundai

Famous Logos With Hidden MessageSource: Hyundai

The widely recognized Hyundai logo on automobiles all over the world conceals a secret. The letter "H," which everyone assumes stands for "Hyundai," also represents two people meeting in the middle and shaking hands firmly. This illustrates the successful deal between a brand and a customer.
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