35 Random Life Hacks That Will Always Come In Handy

Random Life hacks are clever solutions we improvise to do everyday tasks. They make our lives easier and more efficient. With the benefits they offer, it is easy to understand that we will always want to learn more about them and share what we know with others. Therefore, we scoured the Internet and gathered all the tips that will come in handy for you in the future.

The tips listed below can help keep the bag of cookies you just opened from going stale, help you stay productive by setting alarms throughout the day, or help you plan your daily activities so you can have the most productive day possible. These suggestions may sound random or funny, but we can guarantee they work.

Without further ado, claim your knowledge of life hacks by scrolling down and checking them out. Also, don't hesitate to share random useful tips in life you know with us in the comments below. These are random useful tips in life.

1. Putting a mug on your door handle so you can hear it if someone tries to break in

Random Life HacksSource: chill2308

2. How to sew in a straight line

Random Life HacksSource: lucidillusions

3. Tidy and handy

Random Life HacksSource: soniczano

4. An easy way to organize your cables and prevent them from getting tangled

Random Life HacksSource: randomusefulbits

5. How to secure your bag with only one padlock:

Random Life HacksSource: uncmnsense

6. Open your cable tie packets in the middle and you will never spill them all over the floor again. Pull out however many you need from the center as seen below.

Random Life HacksSource: J-R-Hudson

7. Use command hooks to hang my pan lids onto the inside of a cabinet door

Random Life HacksSource: Lars_El

8. Use your spring-loaded Salad Tongs to keep your reusable bags open as they dry

Random Life HacksSource: alaorath

9. "Always be ten minutes early to everything, no matter what; once it's a habit, you'll never stress about being late again. If something unexpected happens in transit, you're on time. Bam!"

Random Life HacksSource: synthesezia

10. Been storing my headphones in this sour candy case for years

Random Life HacksSource: drumdude92

11. Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thingy to create a smartphone stand

Random Life HacksSource: GowBeyow

12. A large carabiner with a sponge grip makes carrying groceries a more pleasant experience for your fingers:

Random Life HacksSource: WearADamnMask

13. Genius!

Source: Unknown

14. "Make lunch for work the night before. Or you make a bit more of dinner so you have leftovers for lunch but don’t need to cook twice. This will make the morning that much smoother."

Source: flatlander30

15. Drilling a hole in a ceiling? This saves from dust debris!

Source: cableguysmith

16. If you're moving, you can use this method to transport all the clothes that you hang easily:

Source: randomusefulbits

17. How to get someone n the picture:

Source: Danieldefault

18. When you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use it as a template:

Source: Robertokpi

19. You can connect two ziplock bags by flipping one inside out to make a larger one

Source: Vega_128

20. 3M hanger upside down to keep a trash bag in place

Source: Knoppixx

21. About 2 minutes after realizing there was no bottle opener in my hotel room I discovered this gem and it works like a charm.

Source: AlbertDumblestein

22. Wanna store cake in a container but don’t want to dig it out later? Flip a Tupperware upside down and use the lid as the bottom

Source: byebyebyecycle

23. Finally something to do with an old CD Rack: a ramen holder

Source: DevilsInsiders

24. Put a rubber band around the inside of the pockets of your shorts and never have to worry about your phone or keys on a run

Source: Unknown

25. Travel pillow helps you lay down with headphones

Source: KevlarYarmulke

26. How to get your cat to look at the camera

Source: german47_

27. "Setting a 45-60 minute timer, getting rid of any and all distractions, and just doing as much as I can on a task in that period of time. It has kept me on top of assigned readings/schoolwork that tends to pile up, cleaning, and working out. The best part is typically once the timer is up I just keep going cause hell, I've already started! 10/10 would recommend for any procrastinator"

Source: sloom_

28. Remove your ice tray to get unlimited ice

Source: Zombilicious

29. Vacuum sealing watermelon causes all of the juices to be sucked in, increasing the sweetness of the fruit and deepening the color

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

30. Need tweezers, use your coins?

Source: Apps4Life

31. Use heat shrink tubing to repair lost aglets

Source: camlegacy

32. Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes

Source: nicolahinssen

33. "Just switched the casters on my chair to skate wheels. $20 well spent"

Source: slofty_

34. Seal any bag tightly

Source: gokuflip100

35. Smart kid

Source: eviieeO

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