45 Construction Fails That Might Make People's Teeth Chatter

The primary needs of human beings are food, clothes, and safe shelters. Building works are vitally important because everyone wants to live and do their jobs under a solid roof. As the establishing industry expands, there are strict systems of standards, budgets, safety protocols, etc. Thanks to cautiousness and prevention, fatal errors in construction are less likely to happen. These failures of construction are absolutely hilarious

Regardless of safety regimes, several structures violate the rules and make workers shiver. Not only do these mistakes cause tragic accidents but they also waste money and time to get fixed or rebuilt. Plus, they are so ridiculous and lousy that they are brought up on the r/ConstructionFails subreddit as the worst examples of construction fails.

Let's see 45 pictures of Construction Fails! You might need a towel to wipe your sweat if you aren't good at dealing with fears.

#1 Ooppsss! Waiting for the tornado to turn it around

Construction FailsSource: nopenope911

#2 What Could Go Wrong

Construction FailsSource: PuzzleheadedRaise565

#3 Why.......just Why?

Construction FailsSource: ratkinggo

#4 To Install An Air Conditioning Unit

Construction FailsSource: dapper333

#5 Parkour! I think this is a level on Uncharted 3.

Construction FailsSource: mpcromar

#6 Fan Go Bonk

Construction FailsSource: Theodorefortesque

#7 Bro Think Your House Is Separating From You

Construction FailsSource: Aquila_1214

#8 Neighbors Attempting To Reinforce Their Stone Wall With….spray Foam Insulation

Construction FailsSource: tacobonerstink

#9 The Stairs On The Side Of This Building

Construction FailsSource: anthonyhui

#10 We Call This One, “The Landlord Supremo”

Construction FailsSource: wheekwheekmeow

#11 Legendary

Construction FailsSource: Aquila_1214

#12 Windy

Construction FailsSource: hollidaytamale

#13 Hey Boss, Tucked The Light Switch In The Corner Like You Asked

Construction FailsSource: wheekwheekmeow

#14 "Construction Is My Passion" 2.0

Construction FailsSource: MadMax686

#15 A Friend Just Bought New Construction

Construction FailsSource: nolimitxox

#16 Bathroom At Local Bar…

Construction FailsSource: G_W_Winsterhammerman

#17 Used The Wrong Template?

Source: haileypetrov92

#18 That's One Way To Do It, I Guess

Source: DJA1982

#19 There Must Be A Better Way

Source: 1-12TH

#20 No Problems Here

Source: Dalton_P

#21 Who Do You Blame For This?

Source: jmirrrr

#22 When The Roofers Decide To Take Creative Liberties

Source: labqueen2015

#23 No1 Rule In Construction!!

Source: New-Home-QC

#24 Well Somebody Screwed Up

Source: raaustin777

#25 Who Needs Wall Ties

Source: Heam21

#26 At Least The Chiropractor Is Nearby

Source: HubertJackson22

#27 Why Poop Alone When You Can Poop With Friends

Source: 73randon

#28 My Friend Is Having Trouble Finding Good Contractors For A Garage Conversion. Saw This Yesterday

Source: SacrificeLambz

#29 Load Bearing To Boot

Source: misfitblues

#30 My Brother Was Painting A House And Sent Me This. Corner Cutting At Its Finest

Source: cappy4377

#31 ‘Boss, We Need A Bigger Partition.’ ‘Make It Work.’


#32 Preventative Maintenance Is 3x Cheaper Than Reactive Maintenance

Source: Zestyclose_Bed_6338

#33 Nailed It

Source: ObjectCapital1468

#34 5 Boxes = 5 Times As Safe?

Source: slinkyderp

#35 Perfect

Source: James_T_S

#36 Courting Disaster

Source: 63ceasar

#37 No AC? No Problem

Source: ShipHistorian

#38 Several Roof Trusses Anchored Together. Came Down Like Dominos. Even What’s Still Up Is Warped All To Hell. Hire Professionals Kids…

Source: nobuouematsu1

#39 Doing The Roof With Concrete Blocks

Source: bofhsp

#40 Lunch Poured In A Beam

Source: Skier94

#41 What’s The Point In This Balcony

Source: TD-TradeMarked

#42 Spirit Level Not Needed

Source: Heam21

#43 Looks Straight To Me

Source: fluffito5

#44 No One Will Ever See

Source: jeffsonderfan

#45 Shower Bench Failure At Less Than 3 Years

Source: WantToUnderstandToo

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