Animals In Australia: The 5 Cutest Mammals Of The Continent

Australia is a strange country that is isolated from other continents on earth. Its specific climate and environment have made Australia home to the weirdest animals on the globe. There are at least hundreds of species that are endemic in this country. Unfortunately, due to human relocation and activities including hunting and agriculture, many of them were deceased. Anyways, the diversity of animals there is still spectacular. Marsupials are distinct in the southern continent. They have pouches to carry and feed their joeys. Because of the extreme weather, this is the best way for many animals in Australia to survive. Their younger ones are usually born early with inadequate conditions for survival. Therefore, they are involved to preserve those until they are able to live on their own. 
Other than that, Australia is also home to many colorful birds, sea animals, and insects. Most of them are beautiful and fascinating. While some insects became giant thanks to their great adaptation to the environment. Huge stick insects and spiders are quite common there. Luckily, there are still adorable animals in Australia. A large amount of them is friendly or fluffy. Let’s have a quick look below. 

#1. Kangaroo

Source: Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Kangaroos are native to Australia. They even outnumber humans in population. As a result, they became the symbolic animals of this country. While some of them are muscular and huge in size, kangaroos are a friendly species. They rarely attack humans unless they feel threatened. Once you arrive in Australia, it’s quite easy to look for kangaroos outside big metropolitans such as Sydney or Melbourne.

#2. Koala

Source: National Geographic

Just like kangaroos, koalas are marsupials. On the other hand, they mostly live on trees. Koalas spend most of their live time sleeping, around 20 hours per day. They look like teddy bears with big ears and eyes which make them lovable. It is to approach koalas since they are quite slow and nice. By the way, holding them is not recommended since they may carry some diseases and parasites.

#3. Platypus

Source: Australian Museum

Yes, if you were a fan of the Phineas and Ferb series on Disney Channel, this animal would be familiar. Perry the Platypus’s home is far back to Australia. This mammal, although feeds its children with milk, lays eggs. A platypus looks almost like a chubby swimming dog with a duck bill. This figure makes them rather special to other eggs-laying mammals. Unexpectedly, this animal is poisonous as a way to protect itself once attacked.

#4. Wombat

Source: Manning River Times

This marsupial almost looks like a combination of a bear, a mouse and a pigeon pig which make them one of the cutest animals in Australia! Despite its adorable look, it may weigh up to 80 lbs (36 kilos). This short-legged animal has cube scats, one of a kind in the whole animal kingdom!

#5. Quokka

Source: AWOL

They look like cat-sized kangaroos with baby cheeks. They are smaller yet cuter. Quokkas are seen as the happiest animals in Australia and even on the planet since they seem cheerful and happy all the time with a smile on their faces. Moreover, taking selfies is such a thing for them. Many celebrities including the God of Thunder Chris Hemsworth shared photos of them with professional posing quokkas. is your daily source of funny stories and Entertainment news. Make sure to not miss any of our daily updates on the weirdest and cutest animals also.
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